Back pain during pregnancy, what is going on and how to relieve it?

After the expectant mother is pregnant, there are various pains, such as slight pain, back pain, back pain, toothache, hand pain, and so on.

Each pain is a test of mothers’ physical and willpower. Today I will talk about the method of back pain during pregnancy. I hope to help some expectant mothers and reduce pain.

The cause of physiological back pain during pregnancy

There are two types of back pain during pregnancy.One is physiological low back pain, and the other is pathological back pain.Let’s talk about physiological back pain and corresponding relief methods.

After pregnancy, the level of expectant mothers will change greatly. The ligament and fascia connecting the pelvis will become relaxed. The fasciitis caused by the physical strain of the expectant mother is one of the causes of back pain.This physiological back pain is generally recovered before pregnancy level after childbirth, and the symptoms of back pain will gradually disappear.

Another cause of back pain is muscle strain. After the expectant mother is pregnant, as the gestational week increases, the baby and the placenta will gradually increase. This situation will increase the burden on the front of the lumbar spine.Essence

Because the uterus increases, in order to maintain the body balance, the expectant mother will shrink the waist and back muscles hard when standing, so that the pelvis leans forward, forming a lumbar posture. Long -term waist and back muscle contraction will cause muscle fatigue and cause low back pain.

How to alleviate back pain in physiology?

To relieve back pain during pregnancy, expectant mothers should choose mattresses such as soft and hard to avoid standing for a long time and long -term walking;

In addition, you must control your diet without getting too fast weight.

Finally, when sitting, especially the expectant mothers who are at work, the waist can be stuffed with a cushion. When sleeping, try to lie on the side as much as possible to reduce the oppression of the waist.

Causes of pathological back pain during pregnancy

Pathological back pain, symptoms are much more serious than physiological back pain.Pathological back pain may hurt or it may not hurt.If sciatica occurs, the expectant mother will hurt when walking.

If the expectant mothers have sciatica, this pain is the beginning of the lumbar disc herniation and compressing the sciatic nerve, which causes edema and congestion, and eventually leads to lumbar pain.

The lumbar disc herniation occurs during pregnancy. In terms of examination, it is impossible to determine whether there is a prominent situation through the means of influencing the learning.Generally, clinical observation is the main purpose, so as to determine whether the mothers have lumbar disc herniation.

Some expectant mothers will ask, can it be relieved of methods such as ointment?

Many ointments have musk ingredients. Musk has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which can adversely affect pregnancy. Therefore, such drug stickers cannot be relieved.The expectant mothers need to post any ointment stickers to relieve back pain, and they need to consult a doctor first.

How to relieve the pathological back pain?

Relieving pathological rational back pain, expectant mothers can improve from daily life.

For example, pillows can be sandwiched between both feet, which can increase the blood flow of the uterine; when you sleep, you can put the pillow under the knee joint to make the hip and knee flexion, so as to reduce the back extension of the waist, so that the waist muscles and ligaments and ligamentsThe tendons have been fully rest.

For prospective mothers with lumbar vertebrate, it is recommended to choose cesarean section. Caesarean section can reduce the pain and difficulties of childbirth.

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