Ballad: Can dogs vaccine during pregnancy and deworming?The veterinarian gives the best solution, so I do not need to be in trouble

When the mother is not easy, I believe that many ladies have a deep understanding. During pregnancy, I hope that the child can come out early, but when I really give birth to the child, I can’t wait to stuff it back to him … but this is my mother said to metalk.(Seeking the psychological shadow area at the time …)

Although this is the case, I have to admit that every mother is very great!During the pregnancy, the children are healthier and ugly, and the cosmetics are not dare to touch; for the children to strengthen nutrition, regardless of what kind of soup is filled; even if they are sick, pregnant women can take medicineI dare not take medicine, I can only carry it myself.

Looking at the current society, people’s love for pets is no less than that of children. Some even directly call pets as "daughter", "baby", "son" and the like, which proves the status of pets in their hearts.

Regarding pet sterilization, it has always been a topic of argument. Some people agree that some people feel cruel.Some pet owners are actually willing to make their pets pregnant and have cubs. Not only can they be upgraded directly into grandpa, but they can also have a group of cuteness around their legs. If you think about it, it will be beautiful.

Many of the first -time owners have no experience in the pregnancy of pets. I often ask friends to ask veterinarian Xiaoming various questions.Drive?

Regarding whether dogs need vaccines and deworming during pregnancy, everyone has a diverse opinion, and the online statement is different. This makes many new shovel officers commit difficult. Here, the veterinarian Xiaoming is a rumor.Vaccination and deworming, but it is not completely impossible, special treatment is needed during special periods.

"It is three -point poisonous medicine" is familiar to everyone, so whether it is humans or animals, in a special period of pregnancy, do not take it without taking medicine.However, if you encounter a very serious disease, or if you are excessive parasitic in the pet body, you will threaten health, then the veterinarian Xiaoming suggested that the drug was used to drive insects in accordance with the instructions of the veterinarian.

In response to the problem of "whether dogs during pregnancy can vaccine and deworming", veterinarian Xiaoming believes that the owners can avoid it. Why do you say that?If you are planning to make dogs pregnant, these problems must be solved during pregnancy.

According to the specific analysis of the specific problems, the veterinarian Xiaoming has organized a reasonable solution for everyone. The owners can do it according to their own situation, and there is no need to be embarrassed.Demoded before pregnancy -3 to 4 weeks before the owners decide to allow dogs to repel deworming in -body and outside 3 to 4 weeks before mating.During pregnancy -deworming -generally, the veterinarian Xiaoming does not recommend that the owners repel deworming them during the dog’s pregnancy, because the effect of insect repellent will last for a period of time in the dog’s body, which will inevitably produce a certain amount of puppies to a certain amount of puppies.The impact, but if the situation is very serious, it will even directly affect the life of the female dog. It is recommended that you consult a professional veterinarian and reasonably deworming deworming according to their instructions.Dordoids after pregnancy -If the dog misses the insect repellent before pregnancy, don’t worry too much. During this period, pay more attention to the health problems of the dog. Do not let them go to the lawn or bush.After the female dog has a cub, the puppies can be deworm together for 40 days.

If puppies are deworming, the first deworm can be carried out around 40 days after birth, and then deworming every 1-3 months.If dogs often go out, it is recommended to remove insect repellent once a month, and dogs that do not often go out can be deworming in vitro once for 2-3 months.The body is generally once every 3 months. If you have the habit of feeding dogs to eat raw meat, it is recommended that the interval between insect repellent in the body is recommended.

The vaccine needs to be vaccinated every year. If the time is near the previous year, it is recommended that the owners bring the dog in advance for vaccination; if there is still three or four months before the vaccine time of the previous year, then you can wait for the mother dogAfter giving birth to a cub, then vaccination.

The puppies can be vaccinated for the first needle vaccine for 45 days after they are born, and then they will be injected in order for 20 days to inject the Dog di -colored vaccine, dog four -sector vaccine, and rabies vaccine.After each year, one needle dog four -seal vaccine and 1 needle rabies vaccine can be strengthened.

Dogs are generally between 60 and 65 days. Although dogs during pregnancy are not very fragile, and abortion is rare, even so they need the owner’s careful care.It can be carried out from the following aspects.

Diet -the demand for calcium during pregnancy is very large, so the owners should strengthen their supplements to calcium. In addition, it also needs a balanced match for foods rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals.Feeding more meals.

Environment -The veterinarian Xiaoming also said that dogs during pregnancy recommend not to repel deworming and vaccine, and the frequency of bathing needs to be reduced, which means that they need to keep as clean as possible during this time to prevent bacteria from breeding.First of all, the nest where the dog sleeps needs to be washed and exposed, and the environment where the dog lives also needs to be dry and ventilated.

Exercise -Dogs during pregnancy will cause inertia, unwilling to walk or play. Most of the time will choose to sleep.EssenceTherefore, the owners need to take a dog out for a walk to avoid strenuous exercise.

Emotion -Dogs during pregnancy are rising and ups and downs. During this time, they may become irritable, anxious and even depressed, so this requires the owner to take care of their mood.They touch them to encourage them.

Out -in the period of maternity flooding, dogs may become very vigilant. If you go out, you will become more aggressive if you encounter other dogs. During this period, the owner must wear a traction rope when you go out and walk the dog.Once you find that the dog is emotional, you must turn around or appease in time.

In fact, whether it is a dog or human beings, the spirit is very fragile during pregnancy. At this time, the most needed is the company’s companionship and care. For dogs, the most trustworthy and dependent is their own owner. If the owner can be able toTaking care of their pregnancy is believed to be the greatest happiness for dogs.

Instead here, the above is the preparation of the dog’s preparation, but there are many times in life because the dog is playful or the owner is negligent, but they are pregnant by accident. What should I do?

I hope that the owners work hard to accept them. After all, they are a gift of nature. Even if they can’t raise themselves, I hope everyone can raise puppies to weaning and find a good family. If you want to avoid this situation, it is recommended that the owners take care of it to take care of it.Good home pets or take them to sterilize surgery, which is the manifestation of dogs responsible.

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