Bare pain during pregnancy?These methods may save your waist

[Introduction] After pregnant women’s mother’s pregnancy, the inconvenience from the initial pregnancy to the big belly.Among them, I think only the mother who had given birth to a child knew clearly.For many novice mothers, in mid -October, there are always different problems.For example, lumbar pain and waist pain, many pregnant women and mothers have expressed their experience.What do we need to know about the pain of pregnant women?

What’s wrong with back pain in pregnant women

In October, I feel very difficult to imagine, but many female friends are willing to accept all the torture for their children for their children. It can be seen that the mother’s greatness.After pregnancy, pregnant women always have a variety of discomfort, and back pain is even more common. Why do pregnant women have back pain?

There is back pain during pregnancy. Pregnant women do not have to worry too much about whether there is a big problem in the body. Liseness is a very common symptom for people during pregnancy.Usually, when it appears in the early pregnancy, it appears as pain in the waist, and then as the fetus grows every day in the mother’s belly, the back pain in pregnant women will become more and more powerful.In many cases of special female friends, back pain may last for a whole pregnancy and the pain feels more obvious.

In the early stages of pregnancy, the backbone pain may be caused by uterine contraction caused by fertilized eggs in the uterus. After pregnancy, the hormone in the pregnant woman will change, so it will cause back pain. Generally, it will come.It is a mild pain, don’t care too much.In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus is getting bigger and larger, the weight of amniotic fluid is increasing, and the pressure on the waist of pregnant women will become larger and larger, and it will cause back pain over time.

What to do if pregnant women have back pain

During pregnancy, pregnant women’s mothers always face various pregnancy reactions.Among them, back pain is also one of the problems of torture of various expectant mothers, and back pain during pregnancy.How should pregnant women relieve it?

1. Appropriate exercise

When the fetus grows day by day, the weight of the fetus becomes heavier.At this time, pregnant women need better physical strength to stabilize the fetus, so they must choose proper exercise.For pregnant women, the best exercise is walking. When walking, you must pay attention to it in a flat place. When a contraction occurs during a walk, you choose to stop and rest.But when you pay attention, do not choose to climb stairs and other methods, because such exercise will increase the back pain of pregnant women.

2. Massage the waist

Due to the special nature of pregnant women, it is not possible to treat conventional methods such as acupuncture or physiotherapy when back pain.For pregnant women, the easiest way to relieve back pain is that after rubbing back and forth with both hands, put it in the pain position, repeat the activity, so that the pain in the pain to produce a local heat sensation to relieve pain.

3. Supplement calcium

When the fetus is constantly growing, especially when the fetus starts to develop bones, a lot of calcium is needed.When the calcium provided by the mother to the fetus is not enough, the fetus will draw the required calcium from the mother’s body.Therefore, if pregnant women do not supplement calcium for a long time, pregnant women will have calcium deficiency during pregnancy, which will cause back pain and other conditions.Therefore, you can choose to replenish calcium to relieve back pain.

Is it normal for pregnant women to have back pain?

In October, the fetus is a particularly hard but very happy thing for her mother. The happiness is that I have given birth to a new life. The hard work is that I have various discomforts when I start to get pregnant.More and more obvious.Many mothers are worried about back pain during pregnancy?

First of all, it is necessary to tell you that if there is back pain during pregnancy, it is normal, so don’t worry.Because this is a normal pregnancy reaction.This is because the uterus causes contractions or hormones in your body when changing. If it is just a simple back pain and the vagina does not bleed, you don’t have to be too afraid.

However, if the back pain is particularly obvious in the early stages of pregnancy, it may cause a little attention, because when the ectopic pregnancy occurs, back pain is an early symptom of ectopic pregnancy.And ectopic pregnancy we know that the body of pregnant women is very large, so for the early pregnancy, back pain and vaginal bleeding occur, even a small amount of bleeding causes attention.This situation is best to go to the hospital for examination in time to exclude whether or not ectopic pregnancy.

Is the back pain in pregnant women lack calcium deficiency?

After pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s body will have different pregnancy reactions.Because of the different physical fitness, the pregnancy response during pregnancy is different.But many pregnant mothers reflect that they will have back pain during pregnancy.Is it caused by back pain during pregnancy?

To be sure, some pregnant women have backache during pregnancy due to calcium deficiency.We know that when our body appears calcium deficiency, it will affect our bones. When pregnant women deficiency calcium, the bone softening of pregnant women can be softened.Back pain will occur.During pregnancy, especially calcium, because at this time, the fetus in the abdomen also needs a lot of calcium to supply.When the amount of calcium of the fetus is insufficient, it will be drawn from the mother through the umbilical cord and other methods.In the end, it will lead to calcium deficiency in pregnant women.

Of course, the back pain of pregnant women is not just caused by calcium deficiency. For some pregnant women, when the fetus in her abdomen is too large and too much, the burden on the waist will increase and cause back pain.There are also some pregnant women because of their different constitutions. For pregnant women with poor constitution, their physical strength is difficult to afford and cause back pain.

Is it a boy or a girl in the pregnant woman?

After pregnancy, people around pregnant women will judge the gender of pregnant women through the recent response of pregnant women.Some can even distinguish whether the baby is a boy or a girl with the back pain of pregnant women.Is the back pain in pregnant women representing a boy or a girl?

Many people say that if back and back pain occurred in the early stages of pregnancy, it represents a boy.In fact, there is no scientific basis for this statement. The situation of back pain during pregnancy is a normal reaction of pregnancy.Can’t see whether the baby is a boy or a girl.Moms can be treated as an entertainment mentality about the saying of back pain in the early stages of pregnancy.But this is not the basis for your gender at the end.

For children’s gender, it must be the most concerned issue.Although for many parents, there are no differences between children or girls, but they are still curious about the gender.In this case, parents can choose to have a relatively popular clean palace watch on the Internet or according to the older generation, such as "a male -bearing man, a round belly child", "the feet are not swollen.Swelling, the old methods such as girls "and other methods are predicted.Of course, these are the most important basis for identifying the gender of children as an entertainment method.

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