Be a dad, Neymar takes a girlfriend pregnant belly photo!The 28 -year -old supermodel is proud of, tattooing in the privacy area

According to the French media "Parisian", Neymar has been recuperating in Brazil since the end of last month.Neymar suffered severe ankle injuries in the Paris Saint -Germain on February 19, and he has not been able to play the game since then.On March 10, Neymar went to Doha to undergo surgical treatment. It is reported that he has been recovering in Brazil since March 30. Until now, he is expected to return to Paris at the end of this month.Raphael Martini, the physiotherapist of Paris Saint-Germain, and the physical coach Ricardo Rosa will also assist him in Brazil for rehabilitation.

Neymar, who was injured in Brazil, exposed his girlfriend’s pregnant belly photo on his personal social media, and announced the news that we like to be a father: "We dream of having your life, planning to come, and your arrival will make your arrival. Your arrival will makeOur life is complete and make us happier every day. You will come to a beautiful family, with my brother, grandparents, uncle and aunt who love you. Come on, son, we are looking forward to it. "

It is worth mentioning that Neymar and girlfriend Bruna Bluni broke up in August last year and only reunited in February this year.In less than 3 months of reunion, Neymar is still very efficient.From the photo, Neymar’s girlfriend belongs to the early stages of pregnancy, which will also be Neymar’s second son.

Neymar’s first son was Luca, which was born of Neymar and her sister’s girlfriend Karolina.Neymar and Carolina are not lover, and Carolina is the girlfriend of Neymar’s sister.After a party drunk at a party, Neymar went home and met Carolina, who was looking for his sister.Neymar was drinking big, and he was confused to have a relationship with Carolina. He did not expect that Carolina was pregnant unexpectedly.

Broona-Akadi, born on August 4, 1995 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is an Internet celebrity model.Broona-Akadi has a high value and a proud figure.Neymar took a photo of Broona-Akadi, and attentive netizens found that Bruna Bi Akadi tattooed in a privacy area.Neymar likes tattoos very much. He did not expect that his girlfriend also liked tattoos, and he was still tattooing in the privacy.

Chinese NBA female anchor Zhang Manyuan also tattooed in the privacy area, and was not painful by fans.Zhang Manyuan said it was very painful, so he was so painful that he wanted to play the text teacher.

Interestingly, Neymar’s ex -girlfriend is also called Bruna. Neymar and Brunea fell in love for five years. During the period, the two had been divided into cooperation. In October 2018, they announced the breakup.According to reports, the two were very young that year, which caused the ultimate breakup to separate the two places for a long time. At that time, Broona’s career was rising, and Neymar was already a football star.In the end, no one wants to choose to break up for the other party.

Bless Neymar and Broona-Akadi can last longer.

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