Be careful of the color of these four kinds of pregnancy secretions, and send an abnormal signal on behalf of the body!

It is normal to become more secretion after pregnancy, but it should be noted that the color of the secretion must be transparent or white. If it appears brown, gray -white, or even yellow -green secretions, the body sends an abnormal signal!

Increased pregnancy secretion is normal

During pregnancy, because of changes in hormones, metabolism, and cervix and pelvic congestion, the secretions will become more, but most of them are transparent, translucent or pale yellow.If the amount, odor, and color of the secretion are abnormal, and even the vulva feel itching or uncomfortable, it may be caused by vulvar infections or other diseases. It is best to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, otherwise it may affect the development of the fetus.

Be careful of the color of these 4 pregnancy secretions

Under normal circumstances, the secretion must be transparent or slightly white, and may have a little sour taste, without the stimuli taste. If it is not the above situation, further inspection should be done.

1. Coffee -colored secretions

If a brown secretion that lasts for 2 to 3 days in the early stages of pregnancy, it may be a threatened abortion and the cervical atresia. Among them, ectopic pregnancy will also be accompanied by lower abdomen pain and pain. Do not ignore this sign.In addition, if the brown secretion is accompanied by obvious bleeding, it may be an early placenta or placenta peeling. The condition is very dangerous and you need to seek medical treatment immediately.

2. Auspicious white secretions

The secretion is white, odorless, cheese -like or tofu, and has high viscosity, and accompanied by severe vulva itching, it may be Candida infection.

3. Gray -white secretions

The color of the secretion is gray, uniform and thin, and has a fishy smell. It may be infected with bacterial vaginitis, and antibiotics are needed.

4. Yellow -green secretions

A large number of foam -shaped yellow -green secretions are mostly accompanied by a strong odor. It may be vaginal trichomoniasis infection caused by improper sexual behavior, and drug treatment is required.

How to distinguish the secretion and water break

Some women will mistakenly use water breaking as vaginal secretions. Generally speaking, the secretions will be slightly sticky, and the amniotic fluid is clear and non -sticky, so it will feel the feeling of leakage when breaking.

Water breaks are divided into low water breaks and high water breaks. The low -level water breaks flow out of the cervix. The flow is more and fast. The high water breaking is flowing from the bottom of the uterus.

How to improve the secretion status?

1. Use the pad, remember to change it frequently

During pregnancy, the secretions increase, and many pregnant mothers use pads. Instead, they have a long -term privacy place to increase the chance of infection. Remember to change the pads frequently.

2. Drink plenty of water and do not urinate

Drinking plenty of water and not urinating can reduce the urinary tract to be infected with bacterial infections.

3. It is advisable to wear comfort in the lower body

The lower body should avoid wearing excessive tight pants. You can choose cotton -breathable maternal clothes. The underwear is also recommended to choose cotton and loose styles. It is best to have antibacterial functions and replace them frequently.

4. Go more and walk around

Pregnant mothers are best to get up every 1 to 2 hours to walk around, and do not let the Yin Minister be in a sweltering environment for a while.

5. Use vaginal rinse

You do not need to clean the vagina and keep normal pH.

6. Wipe the toilet

Wipe back from back to avoid the opportunity to infect the vagina in the anal bacteria.

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