Be careful!The proportion of asymptomatic infection with new coronal virus is higher?

COVID-19 greatly swept the world, and quickly spread to every corner of the world in just 3 months, which has caused nearly 2 million infections by laboratory and leading to nearly 120,000 people’s death.

In the absence of vaccines, epidemic prevention measures are mainly to increase the social distance between people, as well as special protection for fragile people including the elderly and patients with other chronic diseases.

Women who are pregnant, especially the prospective mothers in the delivery, obviously should belong to the fragile crowd that needs to be specially protected.

For this, it may not be fully recognized and followed.

More importantly, a study from New York, USA shows that women to be infected with new coronal viruses are more likely to do not show any symptoms, which obviously increases the difficulty and risks of clinical treatment.

Researchers conducted COVID-19 symptoms at 215 pregnant women at the New York Presbyterian Hospital and Columbia University Owen Medical Center at the New York Presbyterian Hospital from March 22 to April 4, 2020, and obtained the nasopharyngeal swabNew coronary virus RNA test.

As a result, only 4 women (1.9 %) were admitted to the hospital for other symptoms of fever or COVID-19. All the SARS-COV-2 tests of the four women with new crown infection were positive.

There were no fever when admitting to the hospital for 211 unparalleled women.The 20 people (99.5 %) of them collected nasopharynxes and conducted virus tests.

Among these women, 29 people (13.7 %) of new coronal virus detection positive.

In this way, 29 of 33 patients with positive new coronal virus test at the hospital did not show any COVID-19 symptoms.

Among the 29 women who were positive but asymptomatic at the time of admission were admitted to the newly crown virus, 3 people (10 %) had a fever during the postpartum discharge (2 days in the middle hospital for 2 days).The cause of the two people was considered to be endometritis and antibiotics were given.Another person’s fever is considered to be caused by COVID-19 and supported for support.

When a new coronal virus was detected at the hospital, a new crown virus was confirmed to re -detect the positive results after 3 days.

In general, the results of the new crown virus conducted by pregnant women who were admitted to the hospital showed that during the period of New York, a considerable proportion (more than 15%) pregnant women infected the new crown virus, although these women to be produced from areas with low infection rates in New York were low infection rates in New York.This also reveals the severity of the new crown epidemic in New York in one side.

The vast majority of these new coronal virus detection positives (87.9 %) are not asymptomatic and are asymptomatic infected.The problem of infection.

COVID-19 asymptomatic infected people have become the focus of the epidemic situation that people generally pay attention to.

We know that the immune system during pregnancy is suppressed, which may be the reason why pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses are more likely to become asymptomatic infections.

This discovery will undoubtedly warn people again that during the new crown epidemic, pregnant women should be given stricter isolation and protection.

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