Before going to bed, Iem leaves soak their feet.

The use of moxa has a long history and has been used by people from the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period.Two thousand years later, there is still a wide range of use in the people.Moxibustion, wormwood boiled eggs, moxa leaf water, and moxa leaf feet are known for long known.But the effect of every way is not known to everyone.Today we will talk about the benefits of Ai Ye’s feet to your body, and the precautions when you soak your feet.

Before going to bed, Iem leaves soak their feet, some happy people have changed, most people dream of

Improve autoimmunity.Currently entering the autumn, the temperature is still cold and hot, and it will catch a cold when it is everywhere.Most of these people who caught a cold as soon as the season change were caused by low immunity.If you want to improve immunity, there are many methods. It is undoubtedly a simple and effective method to use moxa leaves before going to bed.Ai leaves soak their feet can help improve metabolic capabilities, promote the excretion of toxins in the body, and improve immunity silently.Immunity is good, not only does not disturb the cold, but some common minor problems will be far away.

Relieve menstrual pain.Most women’s menstruation is normal, and there will be no problems such as dysmenorrhea.However, when women start from menstruation, they are constantly troubled by them, and the pain of menstrual periods is always unbearable.In fact, the pain of menstrual periods has a lot to do with the heavy coldness, and a woman with a palace cold often has similar problems.Persistence with moxa leaves before going to bed can improve the operation of qi and blood, and avoid the stagnation of qi and blood stasis caused by excessive cold, so as to relieve menstrual pain.In addition, Ai leaf is a warm ingredient. It can also dispel cold in the body and regulate cold physique.

Sleep more solidly.Sleep as an act as a person who occupies more than half of his life, but now it has always troubled people.According to the latest data from the Center for Disease Control, China has nearly 400 million people troubled by sleep.Insufficient sleep time, difficulty falling asleep, and being awakened until midnight, it has become the main problem that affects people’s sleep quality.Sleeping more solidly, it has almost become a luxury.Try to make Ai leaves soaking, which not only helps the emotional relaxation, but also regulates the nerves, so that people have a better sleep.

Although there are many benefits to soaking feet with moxa leaves before going to bed, some people are still not suitable for soaking feet. They can only watch it.

People infected by fungi.After the toe fungal infection, there will be various problems, such as thick beriberi and wounds on the feet.If these people soak their feet with moxa leaves, they will once again cause unnecessary bacterial infections and make the athletes that are originally more serious.

Women visited by "Auntie".During the visits of women’s aunts, there are many things to pay attention to when they are weak.During this period, Issue leaves soak their feet not only cannot receive benefits, but also may make some of the original abnormal performances, and it is more difficult to recover.

Pregnant women.During pregnancy, women should pay attention to in all aspects for the health of the fetus.Although there is no evidence that Ai leaf feet will affect the growth and development of the fetus, women are best not to try it.

As the concept of health is getting stronger and stronger, people will try all kinds of health methods.Ai leaves will also become a choice for health people, and all ways of use will be developed.Among them, the simple and convenient impact on the body should be the simplest and convenient.However, I still want to remind everyone that Impus ’s feet should choose Chen Ye for more than three years, and the role of Shin Ye is not so direct.The old saying often says that "there are three years of Ai and Lang Zhong who do not disturb at home." It is still worth learning from.

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