Being super -age baby, the risk behind, every woman must understand

At the age of 67, he should have been with the age of Sun, but he was pregnant with twin babies. The older pregnant mother has been searching for the past two days.According to media reports, a 67-year-old mother in Chaoyang District, Beijing, went to Taiwan in June this year to pass the twins after IVF-ET (in vitro fertilization-embryo transplant, that is, IVF).RecentAt present, she also suffers from pregnancy hypertension.For most women, menopause starts at the age of 50, ovarian failure, and no ovulation.Is there still eggs at the age of 67?

Some reproductive experts said that women have about 30 to 400,000 follicles in the ovaries in their adolescence. At the age of the birth of the child, these follicles have decreased at a rate of 1,000 per month, while the real ovulation is only 1-2, 2, 2 of them.EssenceAfter the age of 35, with the increase of age, ovarian function decreases, the speed of follicles decreases, and the age of childbearing has gradually declined.

According to statistics, there will be about 30%of the pregnancy rate from the age of 40 to 43; between the age of 43 and 45, there can be 10%to 20%of the pregnancy rate;It is about 10%.At the age of 50, normal women are very low, and they are basically lost.After the age of 60, a woman entered the elderly, and the ovarian function has completely failed.Therefore, at the age of 67, you can be pregnant with twins. Most of them are used for eggs or frozen eggs when they are young. In addition, hormone supplements can be conceived normally.

Obstetricians generally do not encourage women with appropriate age to delay fertility, and the risk of elderly fertility to mothers and infants is very high. It is recommended that the appropriate husband and wife can solve the problem of fertility when the eggs, sperm quality, ovarian function and physical condition are the best.Elderly fertility must face more and more risks for mothers and fetuses, and even pay the price of life.Many people discuss online that it is irresponsible for a 67 -year -old female hospital for a 67 -year -old woman. Two embryo sacs are implanted, which is simply not life.So, what risks can ultra -older women face?

1. Older infertility is not just because of age. Due to the decline in the body’s function, the fertilized eggs are prone to abnormal number of chromosomal in the process of nucleocytocycles.Premature birth, death, etc.

2. For pregnant mothers, it may endanger life.Elderly mothers are prone to pregnancy hypertension syndrome, pre -eclampsia, gestational diabetes, deep venous thrombosis, cerebral vascular accidents (stroke), etc.According to media reports, 67 -year -old pregnant women in the case have suffered from pregnancy hypertension.

3. The elderly women have more difficulty in giving birth. The pelvis of elderly pregnant women is relatively hard. The ligament and soft -producing tissue are less elastic. The uterine contraction is weakened accordingly, which can easily lead to prolonged production, and even difficulty in giving birth, fetal injuries and suffocation.

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