Bi Xiong accompanied Zhao Liying’s house, facing the rumor of the host’s pregnancy, Biexiong: Accompany the owner to split a proof of splitting!

With such a puppy, its destiny is a legend. At first it was just a stray dog, but under the coincidence, it became a girl’s pet. It may not yet know it here.Zhao Liying’s hair ball, I believe many people are a little impressed by this dog!

The important degree of the Bear dog to Zhao Liying is actually similar to her family, and they are all inability to replace!

Mao Qiu and Zhao Liying met in the crew because of a play before, and after the filming was finished, Mao Qiu had become a baby in Zhao Liying’s arms. When Zhao Liying was filming, the Mao Ball accompanied the elderly at home, andOnce a bit of time, Zhao Liying will go home, see his family, accompany the dog!

And puppy also likes the owner particularly, even if the owner always flew outside, even if he does not come back once a few months, even if the dog really misses the owner!

After all, dogs can also understand that the owner works hard not only because of making money, but to a large extent because the owner really likes what he does now ~

So dogs still support the owner’s things!

Recently, another funny thing happened. Zhao Liying, who was hardly asked for leave, did not go to the crew to shoot, so some netizens began to say some gossip. These news could not even look at the dogs!

Netizen: God, Zhao Liying is pregnant!

Dog: Isn’t the owner lying down at home and resting with me?Where is the boyfriend?

So in order to show the innocence of the owner, the dog: the baby accompanies the owner to split a proof!

Because you know that if you are pregnant, you ca n’t split the fork, which will have a bad impact on the fetus, so Zhao Liying and the dog split together. This means that it is very clear!

Don’t you say that the dog owner is pregnant?The dog and the owner came out to show a split. In other words, you continue to say that as long as you are not afraid of being beaten!

But Bie Bear is really the best partner after Zhao Liying’s busy work. Is this blink for almost five or six years?

At that time, the little bear was still staying next to the owner, and Zhao Liying was no longer the simple actress five or six years ago, and it has become a very good master!

Of all the dogs, from a stray dog counterattack to the current status, in addition to Wang Sicong’s Wang Keke, that is Zhao Liying’s hair ball!

Being able to achieve this level, in addition to the hair ball itself, is also particularly well -behaved, isn’t the main thing because the owner loves it ~

Looking at the two photos of Zhao Liying, netizens gave a answer, a dog split, and a piece of Zhao Liying split!

Netizen: Single dog, not pregnant!

This year, a star who is a star, sometimes to clarify the misunderstanding with the owner, this really breaks our dog’s heart!

But who makes Bie Bear really love the master? Such a hostess, change me, me!I can also split!

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