Big health is not done if you want to do it. These people are not suitable for scraping and cupping to see if you are

Traditional Chinese medicine and foreign treatment laws all rely on mobilizing qi and blood to clear the meridians to achieve the purpose of treating diseases and health.Moxibustion and scraping and cupping are the essence of the Chinese medicine foreign governance method. Their ultimate goals are the same, but there are still some differences in the operation process.Generally speaking, moxibustion -people who are weak and strong are suitable; scraping and cupping -these are only suitable for people with strong body.What is the difference between moxibustion and scraping and cupping?Is anyone suitable for big health care?

1. What is the difference between scraping, cupping, and moxibustion?Who is not suitable for big health care?

1. Scraping

Scraping is a tool with smooth edges, porcelain slices, small spoons, copper coins, cow horns and other tools. Dip oil or water is scraped repeatedly from top to bottom, from inside to outsideThe essence of scraping is to diarrhea.However, the scraping must be scraped in the blocked place, so that the excess stasis can be used to accumulate qi and blood, and promote the smooth meridians. If it is scraped in a place where the meridians are empty, it will only make it weaker.

Those who are weak, such as the elderly, children, or inadequate righteousness, can not push the evil alone with the power of scraping, and it is also easy to be counterproductive.If you are weak, you can scrape it.

2. cupping

Curse can be supplemented and leaked.If you want to nourish the kidneys, you can cupping in Shenshu Point;If there are too many places in Ruqi, it will disperse qi and blood, and the effect of not replenishing will consume qi and blood.

There are no strict requirements for cupping operations. It is important to find the corresponding acupoints. The time of pulling is prevailing, and those with weak qi and blood will be removed for a while.Pregnant women and women’s menstrual periods; high fever, convulsions and spasmists should not cupping; patients with bleeding tendencies use cupping with caution; patients with severe emphysema should not be absorbed on the back and chest;Those who do not heal for fracture patients and acute joint sprains should not be cupping; cupping should not be used to have a full meal.

3. Moxibustion

The biggest difference between moxibustion and scraping and cupping is that the moxibustion itself has the effect of cultivating the body’s yang, blood and blood!This is the irreplaceable of moxibustion.Ai leaves have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. After burning, the heat can be injected inside, and the cold and evil inside the human body can be expelled from the body, so that the human body is abundant, and the role of warming the meridians, cultivating qi and blood, nourishing kidney and solid elements can be achieved.Essence

1. Benatural tumors require strict syndrome;

2. Malignant tumors, not recommended moxibustion, moxibustion can cause bloody stirring;

3. Those who have metal buried parts in the body, cautious moxibustion

4. Moxibustion cannot be moxibustion during menstrual period and pregnancy

5. Patients with fever diseases and internal accumulation of evil fever

6, some infectious diseases, high fever, coma, wind, or lean moxibustion during the body’s extreme failure.

2. Precautions after scraping, cupping, moxibustion

1. Scraping

Individuals may have symptoms such as dizziness, paleness, panic, cold sweat, cold limbs, and cold limbs. When they encounter this situation, stop scraping.It should be noted that it can be scraped for an hour after a meal. Those who are too saturated and hungry, and those who are too tired cannot scrape them.

2. cupping

It is not advisable to eat cold food within 3 hours after cupping

Cupping is correct, not only where it hurts, but also cupping on the painful acupoints. Therefore, cupping is best to go to a regular hospital to take out.After cupping, the tank seal is usually red and purple. Before the mark is completely disappeared, it is generally not possible to continue cupping on the purple seal. The older the cupping time is not as good as possible, it is best to control it in about 15 minutes.

3. Do not wash your hands or bath with cold water within half an hour after moxibustion.After moxibustion, drink a large amount of warm water (must not drink cold water or ice water) after moxibustion, which is easy to detoxify, and the water temperature can be slightly higher.Don’t take a bath immediately after moxibustion.After moxibustion, if the spirit of fatigue and weakness occurs, it is normal.

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