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Some time ago, the entertainment industry broke out of the melon. After the famous Taiwan entertainment host Huang Zijiao was drunk, he burst into scandals of 13 well -known artists in the video in the video.

Among them, not only acknowledged that he had sexual harassment for minor girls, but also exposed his scandal that his best friend s forced his peony.

As soon as the incident came out, netizens have opened the "detective" model, and the rumors of sizes S swept over.

In fact, the black material about sisters S and sisters has never been interrupted.

Once the news of paparazzi, some people held a private "shaking head X love party", and many entertainment female stars were included, including size S.

At that time, the media suspected that they took drugs, but this was just guessing, and there was no real hammer.

But the next day, the sister Xiao S of Da S appeared in front of the media with the hair that was dyed, and even the eyebrows changed color.

Oath said that he had never done illegal things. Such strange behaviors made netizens known as "Detective" smell a trace.

In the early years, South Korea Ai Dou simplicly had drugs. In order to destroy the evidence, the whole body was removed and the hair should be tested.

But it turns out that this can indeed deal with police investigation.

After that, the exposed media will be sued in court. Although the prosecution is won, the rumors of "drugs" have never stopped.

After the outbreak of the incident, netizens found that the sisters flower and her girlfriend and the male owner Chen Jianzhou were deeply trapped in the "four -corner relationship."

The private life of entertainment stars has attracted much attention from netizens. With the news of Huang Zijiao, a 2 -minute indecent video appeared in the public’s vision.

In the picture, Chen Jianzhou’s upper body was naked around the big S from the back, pushing it down on the bed, and there was a laughing sound of the small S beside him. Due to the large scale, the video was severely involved in the video.

This incident pushed his three and Chen Jianzhou’s current wife Fan Weiqi to the cusp, which aroused a lot of attention. Then these people’s "complex" love history was also picked up."

When Chen Jianzhou was 17 years old, his father died. In order to comfort Chen Jianzhou, he took him home and his mother for dinner. Several people slowly became familiar. When Chen Jianzhou was young, he looked at Xiao S and began to pursue her.But as a sister, the big S couldn’t stand it anymore. She felt that she was better than her sister, but now Chen Jianzhou looked at Xiao S.

Later, the big S began to approach Chen Jianzhou intentionally or unintentionally, and hinted that he also wanted him. Afterwards, the two began to talk about love.

When they were not famous, Chen Jianzhou’s current wife Fan Weiqi was already on fire. She was still the best girlfriend with sized S. After they broke up, Fan Weiqi and Chen Jianzhou were together. After a short time, the two were still married.

During their marriage, the size S and Chen Jianzhou still maintained a close contact. It made us seem to be such a "perverted" relationship. It turned out to be a joke for them to play with each other.

Xiao S’s program "Kangxi is Coming", one period invited Chen Jianzhou and Fan Weiqi to visit. Xiao S actively broke the news that Chen Jianzhou once appeared naked in front of Da S’s mother. Someone picked out the original program and re -looked at this section.

The little S and another host Cai Kangyong were in the process, but the little S, who was not suspected of the big things, watched the Chen Jianzhou couple talked about the previous "fun".

What is going on?

Chen Jianzhou ate at Da S’s mother’s house, and did not treat himself as an outsider, so he went to the bedroom to take a bath.However, Chen Jianzhou did not wear clothes after taking a shower, but used a umbrella to block the private parts with nakedness.

When he came to Mom S, Chen Jianzhou immediately took off the umbrella and saw Chen Jianzhou, who was naked throughout his body, and Mom S was scared to throw away the spatula, and scolded him with shame: "Ah to die, Jianzhou."

After Xiao S finished speaking, Cai Kangyong next to him fought the scene, but at this time, Xiao S only felt that this was very ridiculous, and did not realize the face of Chen Jianzhou’s couple next to him. Fan Weiqi could only smile embarrassedly.

Such an unrestrained family really made netizens look at it.

After this incident was exploded, Wang Xiaofei, a former husband, felt mixed.

When Wang Xiaofei divorced Big S, Da S designed a series of strategies, allowing Wang Xiaofei to sign a divorce agreement of "unjust head", and the big S’s emotional cards made netizens bias on his side.

However, Wang Xiaofei was very affectionate and did not expose all the things of the big S, but the confusion of the big S completely anger Wang

Soon after, she refused to pay for the support for Wang Xiaofei to the court. Wang Xiaofei was easy to see. When he appealed again, he was rejected by the court.Of course, this alimony is not only a child, but also the electricity bill of Da S and the current husband.

Even electricity costs are a lot of costs, and some people can not help but speculate whether they have raised some plants at home.

Not only that, Wang Xiaofei has to pay a lot to the big S:

Big S listed at least 6 money to Wang Xiaofei that he needed to pay, including but not limited to:

Children’s education costs, talent costs, and important medical expenses at home and abroad;

Children’s nanny work application, labor remuneration and expenses;

Big S currently lives in water and electricity bills, taxes, management fees, and driver compensation;

Big S lives repaid the loan;

All consumption of the second card of Wang Xiaofei credit card held by Big S;

The decoration cost of Da S is currently living.

Wang Xiaofei must make money from Big S’s account.

Now that Wang Xiaofei can’t sit still, he said that Big S is not good, and prevented him from visiting Taiwan to visit his children.Psychiatric drugs.

But at this time, Xiao S said in an interview that her sister did not have to walk after her wedding. She was also "Bald Man" who was in the toilet, and Jun Jun was holding her.My brother -in -law is more pet.

Everyone thought that Da S was happy this time, and was happy for her.

When Mom saw Wang Xiaofei’s accusations on her daughter, she also criticized Wang Xiaofei.

When everyone accused Wang Xiaofei of "responsible Han", Wang Xiaofei couldn’t sit still and questioned the mother:

Can your daughter go out?Don’t let me say something!

Wang Xiaofei immediately pushed this matter with a hot search, and Da S immediately responded to himself just because he had become more and more weaker in the body, and once again pushed the wrong party to Wang Xiaofei.

I have to take medicine because I suffer from epilepsy because I have suffering from epilepsy.

But this incident was noticed by netizens. Is it really the epilepsy caused by having a child?Will it be available before marriage?

In the face of various rumors, Big S did not respond to one by one. On the contrary, Wang Xiaofei’s mother Zhang Lan talked about Wang Xiaofei who did not say anything in the live broadcast room.

Da S has a clue during his marriage with Wang Xiaofei. At the 40th birthday party of Wang Xiaofei, he roared at Da S during the party.

That day, the big S’s eyes were blurred, the performance was extremely excited, and it looked like a poisonous appearance. Wang Xiaofei yelled directly after seeing it: What did you pour by them?

The mother of sized S also revealed that her two daughters couldn’t sleep and took some sleeping pills, but did not eat it every day. Is this really unable to sleep or because of the drug?

At this point, Wang Xiaofei decided to grab the custody of his child, so that such a big S that was not allowed to bring the children.

After Huang Zijiao broke the news of S’s drugs, the Studio of Big S also immediately responded to a statement saying that there was a problem with the heart of his boss, and it was impossible to take drugs at all, including the use of drugs.

However, Da S himself said on a program that he would inject anticoagulants on his body in order to maintain young, but the side effects were also very large, which would cause the user’s coagulation function to weaken.

Doesn’t such a function have a burden on the heart?

Just when Zhang Lan shouted that Mom S, netizens put their attention in the "mattress incident", so that Big S escaped.

But what made Xiao S did not expect that the drug use incident would also affect himself. Soon some netizens picked up the video of Xiao S forcing the dance teacher to drink a calf.

You can see the dance teacher very weird in the picture, and then reached out and asked what Xiao S was placed in the water cup?

Xiao S pushed the dance teacher’s neck and said, "I think you are a bit irritable, so I added a little sedative."

When the teacher was frightened when he heard it, he quickly climbed forward, but Xiao S grabbed her legs dead, and said with a sharp mouth in his mouth: The teacher rolled back, and he died without goodness.

For a long time, Wang Xiaofei said that Xiao S was "calm agent" added to others in the water.

"Sinos" is a national second -level control drug, and once it is taken, there may be mental stuns.

Faced with many questions on the Internet, Xiao S simply pretended to be "dead" and let the incident ferment, but Big S was deeply trapped in the "pregnancy storm".

Since the increasing debate on the Internet, Big S has not appeared. Two months ago, Da S had a meal with Ge Junyu with his friends.Seeing that the belly of Da S was swollen and there was a pregnant woman.

All this is right, but there are always netizens who do n’t think it ’s a lot of trouble. If it’ s hard to give birth to a child, can it make Wang Xiaofei pay for it?

Until now facing the controversy of the entire network, the size S just denied that it was denied and refused to do hair testing.

Huang Zijiao’s exposure incident was not only the highest at the same time, but because of their popularity, they were hotly debated.

Talking about the scandal of these stars, Huang Zijiao said that it was because he was unbalanced in his heart, so he exposed it.

There are some things about sized S, and some things can’t be forbidden …

Now when you talk about the entertainment industry, everyone thinks of the stars of fame and fortune. As an artist, you should have virtue to lead your fans correctly.

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