Bilestroke is found in the physical examination, do you want to remove the gallbladder?What is the impact after resection?After reading, make a decision

With the changes in diet structure, many people’s diet is greasy and heavy, and it is because of this, the incidence of gallstones is also increasing.Many patients are very concerned about a problem after finding gallstones, that is, whether to remove it. Of course, everyone’s idea is that it can be cut without cutting. It is always part of the body.of.

Case of preservation of gallbladder

Ms. Pan and Mr. Chen are couples. They have similar diet habits. They like to eat foods with more oil and salt. Almost every meal has meat. Such a dietary habit lasted for many years.In February this year, Ms. Pan had a stomach pain. She thought that she had a stomach disease, so she went to the hospital for examination, and the result was that gallstones were chaotic.

The doctor told Ms. Pan that there were two small stones in her gallbladder, and one of the stones also had an incarceration. It would be difficult to fade without treatment of inflammation.The plan given by the doctor was to protect the stones, and Ms. Pan agreed.

At this moment, Mr. Chen said that he had also found gallstones last year, but he had no symptoms, so he had no control. He hoped that the doctor could help his stones by the way.In this way, the couple were hospitalized together for treatment.

Another Ms. Qian is at breastfeeding. She has a particularly good appetite since pregnancy. Every meal has to eat meat. She eats supper when she is hungry at night.Essence

Later, after giving birth to a child, her body was very weak. The doctor said that it was necessary to strengthen nutrition. In Ms. Qian’s opinion, is this not just a chance to supplement herself?So he restored the life of big fish and meat.After half a year, her weight has soared again. Now she is fat to 150 pounds, and she often has stomach pain and discomfort.

After inspection, Ms. Qian had gallstones. Although fortunately, there was no stones in the bile duct, and the gallbladder contraction function was good.

The above two cases are gallstones, which uses gallbladder and stone surgery. The recovery after surgery is good.Some people can’t help asking, they are also gallstones, why do the doctor let themselves remove the gallbladder?Do you want to pit money?

It is conditional to protect the gallbladder, come to listen to the suggestions of experts

Li Ning, chief physician of hepatobiliary surgery at Zhejiang Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, introduced whether it can protect the gallbladder, depending on the physical fitness of the patient and the condition of gallbladder and stones.

If the number of stones is relatively small, smaller, and the contraction function is better, it can protect the gall; age is less than 65 years old, and there is no cardiopulmonary dysfunction, it can also protect the gallbladder; if there are polyps or stones in gallbladderThe situation is not suitable for saving.

Case of removing gallbladder

Grandma Yang was 72 years old and suffered from gallstones for six or seven years. She has been refused to do surgery to remove gallbladder. She usually endured it when she hurts.After the doctor checked her, she found that there were a lot of stones. It was roughly estimated that there were three or four hundred, which was very rare. These stones were small. If it fell into the bile duct, it caused obstruction, and the consequences would be serious.

Not only that, Grandma Yang’s gallbladit contraction function is very poor, and it is difficult to play a role. The best way is to remove gallbladder.The doctor told Grandma Yang’s current situation and possible harm. This time, she finally agreed to perform removal surgery.

Some patients are more resistant to removing surgery, because they are worried that they lack a function without gallbladder. In fact, the gallbladder of the lesions will only increase a heavy risk in the body.And even if the stones are taken out, it will be easy to relapse in the future, and it will affect inflammation.

In addition, we can see from the above cases that most of the stones are related to bad diet. Therefore, it is not finished to remove the stones. If the dietary habits are not changed, it will soon recur.Whether or not the gallbladder should be removed and communicate with the professionals.

Can I still live normally after the gallbladder is removed?

The gallbladder is full of bile, but the bile is not secreted by it. Its existence is equivalent to reducing the burden on the liver and regulating the workload. Even without its existence, it will not have much impact on bile.

After the gallbladder is removed, there is also a gallbladder tube, but the ability of the gallbladder tube is limited, so patients cannot eat high -fat foods as they want. Once they eat too much, they may be uncomfortable with diarrhea.However, this situation will not continue, and it usually disappears slowly after a year and a half.

Even if it is a healthy person, the long -term high -fat diet is unhealthy. Therefore, for patients with gallbladder, more importantly, how to manage diet and reasonably consume nutrition.From a long -term perspective, patients do not worry about the risk of gallbladder cancer after the gallbladder is removed.

Why are there gallstones?Did you drink too much boiling tap water?

When someone saw the stones, he thought of the scale in the kettle at home, and believed that it was caused by drinking unclean water for a long time. In fact, as long as you drink tap water, the calcium and magnesium content in it meets national standards and will not cause stones.However, if you drink well water or take water directly from the lake, pay attention to filtering and boiling, and pay attention to water quality safety.

For a long -term high -fat diet, people who like to eat meat or dishes, the risk of stones in gallbladder is relatively high. In addition, with the aging of the body and the decline of gallbladder function, stones may also be formed.If you do n’t want to have stones, you need to reasonably match the vegetarian food, increase coarse grains and fruits and vegetables, and also control weight to avoid obesity.

In short, whether to remove the gallbladder depends on the specific situation of the patient. Of course, it is best to meet the conditions of bile protection, but in the future, you must actively improve your diet, live a low -fat life, and avoid recurrence of stones.And those who remove the gallbladder should not have too much burden, and can live like normal people.

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