Bitter gourd, so adults and children must grab#家 常

New way of eating bitter gourd!

Don’t always eat bitter gourds. Today, I will share a new way of eating to ensure that you have not eaten particularly delicious.

· First pick two bitter gourd from the tree, then cut off the head and tail, and open from the middle.After cutting, find a spoon to remove the melon in the middle, and go a little cleaner, so that the bitter gourd is not easy to suffer when it tastes.

· Then cut the bitter gourd into a thin thick piece, the thinner the cut, the better.Prepare a bit of shiitake mushrooms into diced.

· Three serious hem eggs are scattered in the bowl, and the eggs are scattered with chopsticks, and then poured into the cut bitter gourd slices.Add a spoonful of salt, a spoonful of MSG, and a spoonful of thirteen incense, stir well with chopsticks.

· Next, then a bowl of ingredients, add half a spoonful of raw soy sauce, half a spoonful of oyster sauce, a spoonful of water, a little salt, a little raw powder, and stir with a spoon.The ingredients are adjusted.

· Add a little edible oil to the pot, pour the mixed bitter gourd, fry slowly, fry on one side until golden, turn the other side and fry.The most likely errors for fried egg cakes are rotten, scattered, and not forming.Teach you a good way today:

· The stir -fried egg liquid is poured into the pot first and fry half of it, fry the half to the five mature, pour into the other half and stir well again.

· Then go to the pot to fry.In this way, it is easier to form with fried egg cakes.This is a good way to get started.Fry the bitter gourd eggs to the golden on both sides, and you can make it out for later as a video.

· Add a little oil, add green onion, garlic slices, add a little shrimp skin after frying, add shiitake mushrooms, and fry the fragrance of shiitake mushrooms.Pour in the ingredients that have just been adjusted and make the juice sticky, just like the video.

· Then match a little green and red pepper.Finally, pour the juice on the fried bitter gourd eggs.Damn, it’s really delicious.

In the end, follow me, and you can find me when you cook, thank you for everyone.

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