Bleeding during ovulation, don’t be blindly nervous

Bleeding during ovulation is not uncommon, many female friends may encounter.If you only occasionally ovulation bleeding, you don’t have to care too much, most of them can heal yourself.However, if it appears repeatedly, it needs to be paid attention to.

Bleeding during ovulation refers to women in the middle of menstrual period, that is, ovulation, vagina, or a small amount of bleeding. It is the most common type of bleeding in the middle of menstrual period and belongs to ovulation functional disorders uterine bleeding.As far as the menstrual cycle of 28 days is concerned, ovulation bleeding usually occurs on the 14th to 16th of the menstrual period, which changes with the different menstrual cycle.

Causes of ovulation bleeding

1. Estrogen decrease

Under normal circumstances, the menstrual cycle is controlled by follicle growth, ovulation, and luteal formation and degeneration.As the follicles grow, the estrogen secreted by the follicles gradually increases, forming a peak before ovulation.When the mature follicles are broken, and ovulation, the estrogen level has dropped sharply, and the endometrium growth cannot be maintained, causing local collapse and falling of the endometrium surface layer, and a small amount of bleeding occurs.After that, with the formation of luteum, the sufficient amount of estrogen is secreted, and the uterine endometrium surface layer was quickly repaired to stop bleeding.

2. Mature follicles secrete more estrogen before ovulation

It is also believed that bleeding during ovulation is due to the greater estrogen secreted by mature follicles before ovulation, causing height congestion of endometrium, and some ectopic illegal leakage.

A manifestation of bleeding during ovulation

1. Uterine bleeding

The uterine bleeding occurs in the middle of the menstrual period. The bleeding time ranges from 2 to 3 hours to 1 to 2 days, which can be stopped by itself; the amount of bleeding is generally less than the normal menstrual flow, which can be manifested as a bit of blood in the leucorrhea;Red to red, sometimes only coffee secretions.

2. Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain can be mild or severe, manifested as a periodic in the middle of the period of periodic menstrual period, and some can also radiate to the legs, the so -called ovulation pain, which usually lasts for several hours.If bleeding is combined with ovulation pain and bleeding during ovulation.

3. Infertility

Infertility is caused by bleeding during ovulation and missed the opportunity to conceive.

Diagnosis of bleeding during ovulation

1. Judgment according to the menstrual cycle

If bleeding occurs in the middle of menstruation, it is accompanied by slight lower abdomen pain, and it is not difficult to diagnose ovulation bleeding.For women with irregular menstruation, if bleeding occurs around 14 days before the next menstrual tide, bleeding should also be considered.

2. Measure the basic body temperature

If there is a bilateral temperature, bleeding occurs during the period of body temperature from low to high, that is, at the ovulation period, it should also be considered as ovulation bleeding.

3. Please help your doctor

Doctors are requested to monitor follicle development and detect changes in hormone levels in blood, and analyze whether bleeding occurs during ovulation.

Treatment of bleeding during ovulation

The amount of bleeding during ovulation is generally small and the time is short. Occasionally one or twice occurs, it is not hindered by health. Most people can heal themselves without special treatment.Pay attention to rest during bleeding to avoid excessive fatigue; pay attention to keep the vulva cleaning and prevent infection; when abdominal pain is severe, you can give abdomen heat compresses; fast foods such as spicy spicy foods to avoid increased bleeding or extending bleeding time.If bleeding during ovulation frequently appears and has a large amount of bleeding, it brings inconvenience to life and affects sexual life and conception.If there are no clear reasons, you can start taking low -dose natural estrogen 3 days before ovulation, such as tonic, until the usual bleeding period is exceeded.For those who have a clear cause, the cause of the cause should be actively specified.

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