Blood HCG is inconsistent with urine HCG. Is it pregnant or not pregnant?

Doctor, look at my test form, my blood HCG has problems, but urine HCG is negative. Am I pregnant or not pregnant?Recently, a patient in the obstetrics obtained his own report, and the doctor of the inspection department was anxious. Did you make my specimen wrong?

"Don’t worry, let’s review your specimen again." The doctor said to the patient that after review, the result was the same as the original.

Blood HCG is inconsistent with urine HCG. Is it pregnant or not pregnant?In this regard, the Changsha Central Hospital inspected Colin Liguang that HCG was human chorionic gonadotropin, and the urine HCG and blood HCG were two different examinations. The inspection time was about a week.The accuracy of the blood HCG is higher than that of urine HCG. The urine HCG test is a qualitative test of the velvetic gonad hormone in the body. It only shows whether it is pregnant through negative or positive results. Generally, there is no specific value. There may be pseudo -positive rates. Clinical use of clinical useIt is more limited and the advantage is that the operation is simple and convenient for economy.

Lin Liguang introduced that blood HCG is the specific value of quantitative detection of chorionic gonad hormone in the body, and it is more accurate, more sensitive, and smaller than the qualitative detection of urine HCG. The detection time is earlier.By monitoring the changes of the specific values, the diagnosis of early pregnancy can be assisted, and the accuracy of early pregnancy diagnosis can be as high as 99%. Women with normal pregnancy generally pass the blood HCG detection after 7-10 days after the fertilized eggs.Pregnancy, but urine HCG’s qualitative detection is lower than that of blood HCG. In the early days, the concentration of chorionic gonad hormone concentration in human chorionic membranes is low, and it is difficult to detect positive results. It can only be detected after 15 days after bed.The difference is about 1 week, and there are certain individual differences.

"Blood HCG can know whether there is pregnancy earlier than urine HCG, and more accurate and sensitive." Lin Liguang said that after pregnancy, you need to further do gynecological B -ultrasound diagnosis.Pregnancy and abnormal embryos are discontinued. Portugal fetus, etc. can understand and evaluate the changes in the condition through changes in blood HCG, and make timely treatment.

Correspondent Lin Liguang

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