Brazil’s 19 -year -old woman produces twins with the same mother, and experts: The formation conditions are very harsh

According to media reports, a 19 -year -old Brazilian girl gave birth to a pair of twins, but the twins had two different fathers.

This is the case. After the Brazilian girl gave birth, she wanted to confirm who the child was, so the DNA who was most likely to be the father of the child’s father found that the man was just one of the babies’ father, and the other had nothing to do with him.blood relation.

The woman immediately thought that she had a relationship with another man that day, so she found the man and found that he was indeed the father of another child.

We know that twins mean that women are pregnant at the same time, and the situation of twins’ strangers is very rare. However, this extreme case not only happens to Brazilian girls, but also has a case in my country.

Deng Yajun, a Beijing parent -child appraiser, once shared a case. When a couple encountered a problem when giving the child a household registration, they needed a parent -child identification.Essence

After seeing the result, Deng Yajun said to the man: You are lucky, at least one son is your biological.

So the question comes, obviously twins but their mother -in -law. How did this formed?

There are two types of twins, one is the twins of the same egg. They develop from the same egg, but within 5 days of fertilized eggs, they are divided into two, and they develop each other.The twins can only have a father and mother, and because of the similarity of genes, they have the same gender and the same appearance.

The other is the twins of the heterogeneity, which is related to the egg cells of girls.

Under normal circumstances, girls only discharge a mature egg every month in girls. When the eggs encounter sperm and fertilize, they will secrete hormones and let their bodies enter the state of pregnancy. At this time, the remaining eggs will continue to sleep deeply at this time.Therefore, in general, each woman will only give birth to one child at a time.

However, there are exceptions. Some women are discharged from two or more eggs in the same ovulation cycle for various reasons. These two eggs will meet and combine with different sperm, and then form fertilized eggs.

If there are sperm of two or more people in the women’s body in a very short time, then these sperm have the opportunity to fertilize, so there is a possibility of twins and mother -in -law.

It can be said that among the twins of the "same mother", the mother is required to discharge two eggs in the same ovulation cycle, and the two eggs meet with the sperm of different men, which are very harsh.

But it is not impossible.There are 2.4%of the twins involved in the custody dispute in the United States, and 2.4%are twins with different mother -in -law. In fact, this data may be higher, because most people rarely do parent -child identification, so this kind of thing is very rare.

In our opinion, this situation is very rare, and the probability is lower than the lottery ticket, but in nature, this situation is not uncommon.

Take our common cats and dogs as an example. When they breed offspring, the mother beasts will try to let their offspring have different fathers. One person once detected 5 cubs born in their own cats, and had 4 father.Others found that the bird -made birds would also be derailed, and the mother bird would conceive to others’ children, but her husband did not know.

Why do this?

This is actually to better survive.We know that many animals belong to the body’s pregnancy. The mother beasts have to go through the suffering of pregnancy for a period of time. After the production, it must be breastfeed. The energy invested during the fertility process is very large.

The male only contributed sperm and did not participate in raising baby. There was very little energy paid (90%of the birds were monogamous and male participated in the baby).Therefore, males often adopt a lot of mating strategies, that is, any possible, it wants to let the other party conceive their children.

Because the mother -in -law has a lot of energy, she is more cautious when choosing a spouse, and often picks and picks. Therefore, "same -sex competition" between males will burst, and what competes for females.

In the process of choosing a partner, female will not only choose one, but will choose multiple winners. On the one hand, it is guaranteed to succeed in conceiving. On the other hand, try to diversify their offspring genes.The ability to resist natural risks is strong.

Of course, for the giant panda, it is more important to succeed in conception, because the giant panda has only one perbal. Even if there are twins, wild giant pandas will only raise one, and the other will die regardless of the other person regardless of the other person;In terms of cats and dogs, it is more important to diversify future generations.

So you see, the probability of twins in the human world is very low, but in nature, this situation is not uncommon.

“19 -year -old Brazilian girl produced twin biological father with two””twin””pregnant women”

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