Breast pain is breast cancer?Don’t worry, these pains are normal

Modern women are getting more and more healthy, especially if they are healthy, and they will be nervous when they have abnormalities. If breast pain occurs, they will worry about whether breast cancer or other breast diseases will be available.In fact, breast pain is not necessarily sick, such as the following situations:

Physiological breast tenderness

Some young women, before menstruation comes, always occurs with bilateral breast tenderness, but as menstruation comes, the phenomenon of breast pain has disappeared again.This kind of breast tenderness that appears with the menstrual cycle is actually related to changes in hormones in the physiological period of women.The causes of this situation are more complicated, which is related to hormone changes, high -proofing prolactin, and water sodium flowing edema.Of course, it is very important. In fact, most of the breast pain is the emotional barometer. It can cause breast pain when it is temper, sullen, stressful, and poor sleep.Therefore, some female friends can feel the obvious breast pain, and some of them feel unbearable even when they touch it lightly. However, as menstruation comes, hormone levels in the body decrease, and breast pain can be reduced.

This kind of breast tenderness that occurs with menstrual periods, if only 4 or 5 days before, the pain is not violent, and generally does not require special treatment.If the pain is more than 7 days and affects the schedule life, you can also conduct reasonable medical care physiotherapy or drug treatment under the guidance of a doctor.

Breast pain in the spring

Breast development is a physiological change before adolescence. At this stage, due to the changes in hormones in the body, the girl’s breasts are first bulged. A nodule like pea to broad bean under the nipples appears.The pain of pain, then the breasts continued to develop and increase, and the areola appetite. After the first tide, the entire breast gradually matured, and the feeling of pain gradually disappeared.Most of the development of bilateral development, including boys, can also occur in adolescence.

For breast tenderness at this stage, parents don’t have to worry too much. What they need to do is to do a good job of adolescent education so that girls realize that this is a normal breast development problem. When the girl’s breast development, parents need to give herBuy a proper size and try to avoid eating too much foods or health products with high hormones. Of course, you must also control a high -fat and high -protein diet.

Breast pain during pregnancy

After women’s pregnancy, with the increase of hormones in the body, breasts will develop for the second time: deepening the areola color, dilatation of the breast ducts, etc., and will cause slight pain.It is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy to nurture the baby. It is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers do not have to be too nervous, and generally do not need special treatment. What needs to be made is to choose a loose underwear to reduce the pressure on the breasts.Essence

In addition, some women also feel breast tenderness after abortion. This is because the human body was in a state of high hormone level after pregnancy, but after artificially giving the termination of pregnancy, the hormone level suddenly decreased.It made the breasts that were originally developing suddenly stopped developing due to the lack of hormone nourishment, so breast pain appeared and could touch the mass.Breast pain caused by this situation is generally disappeared after the body recovers one or two months after surgery.

Postpartum breast pain

Postpartum breast pain is a very common phenomenon among new mothers. Many new mothers have to give up breastfeeding because they have not been able to survive this stage.Postpartum breast tenderness is clinically divided into physiological and pathological. The physiological breast swelling manifestations are the breast fullness or mild pain, mainly due to the increase in blood and lymph fluid caused by hormone secretion.The second day of childbirth or the third day of a cesarean section.The pathological breast swelling manifests as breast pain, hardness, and redness, sometimes accompanied by fever. It will appear in one week after giving birth or even 1 month after giving birth. It is mainly due to the accumulation of milk.Mastitis may cause mastitis in time.

For physiological milk swelling, we must achieve "three morning", that is, early contact, early sucking, and early milk.For breast tenderness, it is necessary to seek the help of a professional doctor in order to achieve the dredging of the breast duct as soon as possible, reduce the pain of breast pain, and minimize the damage of the breast.

Most of the breast pain is not much problem, but it will affect the life of every woman.In addition, we cannot ignore breast tumors and mastitis sometimes cause pain. Timely treatment to exclude these possibilities in time is the real reasonable solution.

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