Britain encountered food shortages, and many land shelves were empty. The Minister of Environment called on citizens to "eat more radish"

Jimu Journalist Li Lili

The British suddenly discovered that today’s supermarket shelves are empty, and ordinary tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers cannot be bought … Faced with the shortage of food in the country, the suggestion given by the British Minister Theresa Kofi isThe same, eat more radish! "

According to the "Daily Mail" reported on February 23, affected by the frosty weather in Spain and Morocco, a large area of food shortage occurred in the UK. Fresh vegetables were very scarce on the shelves, and various chain supermarkets began to use tomatoes to tomatoes., Pepper and cucumber for purchase restrictions.

The shelves are empty (picture source: Reuters)

Many Wales have found that leeks can not be bought now.The upcoming "Saint -Best Day" is Wales’s traditional festival. On this day, people will have a leeks on their hats or clothes.

Leek, data chart (picture source: Daily Mail)

Farmers warned that due to the lack of rain and deep frost, the favorite seasonal vegetables and onions, broccoli and broccoli were at stake.

In this regard, the British Minister of Environment Kofi said, "We should eat more seasonal things, such as eating more radish, supporting our own farmers, forgetting tomatoes and lettuce …" She believes that eating more radish can relieve food to relieve food.The problem of shortage.

Radish (Picture Source: Daily Mail)

Someone asked, is the harvest of this unpopular rhizome -like vegetables so -called Brexit dividends?Some people share the pictures of "forget the tomatoes and let us eat radish" on social media.

Some people also published a recipe to ridicule her, called "101 practices of radish".This recipe also promises that "the weekly radish distribution will bring a few hours of fun".

Labor members pointed out that Ciffi shifted the crisis of food shortage to ordinary people, and their wages were very low and impoverished.

Data show that the average annual price increase of economic supermarket food has reached an amazing 21.5%.Some products have risen hugely. If there is a carrot piece of 63%, the pork sausage has risen by 58%, and another French cheese has also risen by 96.6%.

(Source: Polar News)

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