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"Find an angle to shoot a koi, and unexpectedly harvest the" pig carp Plus version "big surprise." On March 26, a short video released by Shanxi netizen "Shannan" once again made the koi in the spring pond of Jinan Pu Tunquan Park because of fatOut of the circle.

So, is the "Pig carp Plus version" really fat, or is it another reason?Experts said that the koi in the video is a female koi of pregnancy, with hundreds of thousands or even millions of eggs in its body.

Tunquan Koi is a hot search due to fat

"How can I lose weight like a fish ‘?" On March 28, the topic of Weibo topics such as "Jinan’s current pig carp PLUS version" and "shooting koi accidentally harvested pig carp safety" exceeded 20 million, 趵Tunquan Koi appeared on the hot search list again because of her body shape.

The short video of "Pig Carp Plus Edition" once again caused heated discussion among netizens. Some netizens said that "swimming cannot lose weight", and some netizens said, "In addition to the Daming Lake and Tun Tunquan, I really don’t know where there are such large pig carp in the country."" ".

At the same time, the comment area below the short video has also become a blessing area for netizens.

In fact, in March 2022, the Tunquan Koi was on the hot search list because of her body size, and these cute "fish pier" also lived up to expectations, and then appeared on the hot search list several times.Nowadays, foreign tourists will take pictures of the koi in Quanchi when visiting the Tuotu Spring Park, and these koi are also called "pig carp" by tourists.

It’s not really fat but pregnant

For the reasons for the appearance of "pig carp", most netizens believe that it is "one side of the water and soil to raise one fish". The water quality of the Tunnu Spring Pond is more suitable for fish growth, and the feeding of tourists makes it a fat fish.However, some netizens believe that Koi so fat may be caused by koi pregnancy.

"It eats well, but the most important reason is that it is now a ‘pregnant woman’." Meng Qinglei, deputy director of the Research Center of Danshui Fisheries Research Institute in Shandong Province, said that the "Pig Carp Plus Edition" is actually in pregnancy.Female koi and male koi will not be so fat to eat more.

"It has hundreds of thousands or even millions of eggs in its belly. Normally, it is generally produced (excreted) eggs from late April to May, and the belly will become smaller after the eggs are produced."Meng Qinglei said that because the spring water in the Spring Spring Pond, the Tu Tu Spring Spring, it remained at about 18 ° C all year round." Because the water temperature is constant, it is not easy to lay eggs. "

Meng Qinglei said that the "pork and carp" and "pig carp Plus version" said by netizens are normal phenomena.Essence

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