Brother Yisuo was suspected of getting pregnant, and he was nauseous when he saw greasy food. He had resigned to raise your heart at home.

Since the engagement of Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Meng, rumors have not stopped on the Internet. Some people say that this is a new round of speculation. The purpose is to increase the heat of the coat brother so that he can have more sang resources.

Later, after the engagement was hammered, everyone began to start with Chen Meng’s work, saying that she was not a kindergarten, but a cleaner, divorced, and took children.

The online remarks are indeed not small, but it does not affect the idea of the marriage of Zhu Xiaowei and Chen Meng at all. In this question, the couple in the doubt took the wedding photos. I also chose the photo of the book not long ago.They can take home.

Everyone is paying attention to Xiaowei’s family affairs. When it was held, I did not expect that there was another good news in front of the front, that is, the brothers and daughter -in -law were suspected to be pregnant.

Chen Meng, who often danced on a personal social platform, suddenly sent a dynamic, saying that he was nauseous and nauseous when he saw greasy food these days, so he boiled a little light millet porridge, so that he could suppress the degree of disgusting.

Although she did not say what was going on, many people who had the same experience left a message in the comment area that it was a "reaction of pregnancy" and sent a blessing to Chen Meng in advance.

In order to be able to raise a baby at home, Chen Meng has resigned from the work of the early childhood education, and she also took the last lesson that she had given the children. It was a memorial for herself.Concum.

I was used to going to school early in the morning to pick up children. She had to prepare classes in class at night. Suddenly, she was a bit unaccustomed to work at home.For the babies in their belly, they must adapt if they are not used to it. It is not too late to wait until the child is born.

In a job video of Chen Meng, when she saw her holding her child to sleep, she felt that she was a kind good woman and would definitely become a qualified mother in the future.

After hearing the news of Chen Meng’s pregnancy, netizens were excited, and they were even happy to be a couple for the coat!The Zhu family hopes that the child has been for many years. She did not wait for this good news. As soon as Chen Meng came, she realized the idea of hug her grandson. Her status in the Zhu family must be very high.

But now Chen Menggang is pregnant and is still in pregnancy. He must be exhausted physically and mentally. Don’t always ask her when preparing the wedding.What’s wrong with a baby and who will take responsibility?

There is also a brother and wife worth telling. Do not disclose the idea of hugging the grandson. The first birth boys and women will be the same. In the future, the second and third babies will be taken to look at this issue rationally.

Chen Yan was married to the Zhu family for more than a year, and there was no good news in his stomach. Chen Meng and Zhu Xiaowei had been engaged for half a year. Before the wedding was held, she was suspected to be pregnant. This is the naked gap.

Perhaps Chen Meng is the most suitable daughter -in -law of the Zhu family. The year when the Asian man married, he just paved the way for Chen Meng.Well, today’s sharing is over. I don’t know if you finished reading it, what else should you add?Hurry up and leave the comment area to leave a message!

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