Brown secretions appeared in the early pregnancy, and eventually miscarriage, it turned out to be caused by quarrel with her husband!

When Zhang Lele (pseudonym) was more than two months pregnant, because of the problem of buying a house, he quarreled with her husband, and he was angry. He cried for a long time, regretted this marriage, and regretted that he married like Lele didn’t eat much day, only ate a little fruit.By the time at night, I found brown secretions. After a few days, I went to the hospital for an examination and found that the child was gone.

Later, Zhang Lele said that it must be caused by a big fight with her husband, because the body was very good before, there was no problem, it may be caused by the quarrel that moved the fetal gas.Zhang Lele said: "The child is gone, and it is actually a mistake to recognize that this marriage is actually a mistake. I have thought about it. When I finish the small confinement, I will ask for a divorce.I can find a person who is right to marry, but I think he is very diligent, so I marry it regardless of their right, but I did not expect that this happened in half a year.. Hey, my poor baby, my mother did not protect you, it was my fault! "

Dr. Xin said that early pregnancy is the instability period of fetal development, and some changes and bad factors in the outside world may lead to abortion or fetal stopping.This is not sensational.

Doctor Xin: What are the causes of miscarriage in the early pregnancy?

1. Abort caused by chromosomal abnormalities.

The abortion caused by the chromosomes of the couple’s chromosomes accounts for about 15%-20%of the total number of early abortion in the early pregnancy. Therefore, in order to eugenize and reduce the harm of the body to the body, Dr. Xin recommends that the pre-pregnancy examination should be done during pregnancy.

2. In the early pregnancy, there is a huge pressure or emotional collapse.

Dr. Xin said that the fetus was not stable in the early pregnancy and was in a stage of "rooting and germination". If there was no root, it would cause miscarriage or fetal stopping.During the 7-10 weeks of pregnancy, it is the sensitive period of embryo.If the mothers of pregnant mothers are excessively tight or furious, the thorous adrenaline in the body will suddenly increase by 100 times, which may cause fetal abortion and fetal malformations.

3. Long -term anger can easily increase the chance of abortion.

This is because when the pregnant mother is angry, anxious, nervous, or melancholy and sad, the concentration of advanced neurological activity and endocrine hormone in the cerebral cortex changes, and the fetus will immediately feel and show uneasiness and restlessness.Pregnant mothers who have been suppressed, angry, and excited for a long time will bring bad stimuli to the fetus, causing fetal development defects.

4. Endometritis.

The inflammation of the reproductive tract will cause endometrium inflammation, so the human body protects a large number of white blood cells with a large number of microorganisms. These white blood cells will also attack the fertilized eggs of the bed.It is very good to plant, and the lethality of bacteria or viruses on fertilized eggs can cause abortion.

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