Calcium deficiency during pregnancy may affect the fetus!During pregnancy, always calf cramps, joint pain, back pain?

During the pregnancy, "calcium is conducive to the development of fetal bones, the healthy growth of the teeth, and the storage of calcium in the newborn body. But how to supplement calcium? How to make up? Why?Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital) Wang Danyang, director of obstetrics and chief physicians, said in an interview with the Liaosa -Shen Evening News reporter.Wang Danyang introduced that pregnant women are prone to calcium deficiency during pregnancy. There are three main reasons.

First, the calcium of the mother during pregnancy is more excreted from the urine, and the amount of excretion of urine calcium is higher than that of non -pregnancy. Therefore, the amount of excretion of urine calcium increased, resulting in decreased calcium in serum in the mother.

Second, the blood capacity of pregnant women during pregnancy increases, and the extracellular fluid in the body will increase, so blood dilution will make the concentration of blood calcium relatively lower. This is a physiological reaction and one of the reasons for the lack of calcium in pregnant womenEssence

Third, the secretion of estrogen secretion during pregnancy is relatively strong, and it will also inhibit the absorption of calcium.

"In addition, the nutrition of the fetus needs to be transported by the mother, and the growth and development of the fetus will absorb a certain amount of calcium. Then, relatively speaking, the burden of the mother’s body is heavier, and the calcium supplement needs to maintain the health of the mother and the fetus."Calcium deficiency in pregnant women may lead to osteoporosis in pregnant women, which causes calf muscle spasm, that is, calf cramps, which is a manifestation of calcium deficiency during pregnancy.Calcium deficiency during pregnancy also causes loosening, joint pain, and back pain in pregnant women’s teeth.

"Calcium deficiency will also increase the risk of pregnant women with gestational diabetes and hypertension during pregnancy, and even affect the method of childbirth. If severe calcium deficiency may lead to early pregnancy. In addition, calcium deficiency in the mother will affect fetal bone development, teeth growth, and even evenIncrease the risk of suffering from the disease. Therefore, it is very important for pregnant women to supplement calcium and must pay attention to it. "Wang Danyang said.So how to supplement calcium?Wang Danyang suggested that calcium supplementation can be performed by oral drugs. Pregnant women can supplement calcium supplement from 14 weeks of pregnancy, and 0.6 ~ 1.5 grams must be supplemented every day.At the same time as calcium supplementation, vitamin D must be supplemented.Vitamin D can improve the absorption of calcium in the intestine and regulate the concentration of blood calcium."But calcium supplementation should also be appropriate. Excessive calcium supplementation will cause adverse effects on the health of the pregnant woman." Wang Danyang told that the calcium supplementation time should be staggered because the diet may contain oxalic acid and phosphate.Calcium salts that are difficult to dissolve with calcium may lead to forming stones in the body.Wang Danyang suggested that in terms of diet, you can eat milk, meat, animal liver, egg yolk, cream, spinach, kelp, shrimp skin and other high calcium -containing food for calcium supplementation.In addition, calcium supplementation is also important through sun exposure.In winter, you can expose the sun for 20 ~ 30 minutes a day, the sun in the summer for about 10 minutes, and promote the absorption of calcium through ultraviolet rays.

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