Can "Han Yuanchang" use skin care products during pregnancy?

Last weekend, I visited Xiaocheng, a college classmate who hadn’t seen for a long time. She was already a pregnant mother who was 6 months pregnant.

Asked if she felt hard during pregnancy, she said, "The other is okay, the face is full of acne and it seems more serious than before." Said that she took off her maskAcne.

This is so serious ~

She is a sensitive girl. She used to always love acne, and she often used some acne products to relieve a lot.She said that the acne products used before were a bit of hormone components. Now she dare not use skin care products because she dares not to use skin care products during pregnancy.

Whether pregnant women can use skin care products have always been a controversial topic. Many pregnant mothers do not need any skin care products in case of prevention.Therefore, various problems with skin during pregnancy are inevitable.

Do you really can’t use skin care products during pregnancy?Today, I will give you a popular science.

For the prospective mothers who love beauty, the lethality of the face is more serious than the pregnancy reaction.Because the physical hormones of expectant mothers during pregnancy can change, it may cause various skin problems in pregnant women.

Pregnant women can use skin care products, but they only need to choose skin care products with pure natural plant extracts.

During the during pregnancy, because the hormone in the pregnant woman changed, and the secretion of oil was more vigorous than usual, it was difficult to clear the greasy feeling on the face alone.

Pregnant women who are pregnant in autumn and winter have been easy to tighten and dry in autumn and winter.Pregnant women who are pregnant in spring and summer are not good. The rain in spring and summer is high, and the secretion of pregnant women is easy to feel sticky.

The appropriate skin care products can help pregnant mothers better spend their pregnancy physiological and psychologically.Therefore, pregnant women can choose some pure natural skin care products that do not contain chemicals during pregnancy.


Like my classmate Xiaocheng, because of changes in hormone secretion during pregnancy, the sensitive skin itself is more fragile during this period, resulting in serious acne on the face.And she does not need any skin care products, so the acne will become more and more serious. If she does not care about skin problems during pregnancy, it will be more difficult to leave the acne marks on the face for a long time.

Scientific skin care during pregnancy is also necessary. Choosing natural healthy skin care products can not only take care of extraordinary skin during pregnancy, but also will not affect the healthy development of the baby.

Do not let all kinds of skin problems and stretch marks during pregnancy disturb the good mood, be the most beautiful pregnant mother!

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