Can a baby with a ring pregnant be required?

The following two situations may occur after the ring is pregnant:

1 Internal pregnancy: The consequences of ring pregnancy are different from general pregnancy. The incidence of natural abortion is high.Those with stainless steel rings have found that the circular ring is found in the carcass in the abortion.However, although the incidence of abnormalities in the babies with a full -moon delivery has not increased.Most people advocate that it is advisable to stop pregnancy and end pregnancy early.

2 Ectopic pregnancy: It is reported that the ectopic pregnancy in the pregnancy in the pregnancy accounts for about 4 % of the pregnancy, which is higher than those who are not brought.The birthpool can only prevent intrauterine pregnancy and cannot prevent ectopic pregnancy.Compared with the infertility, the risk of ectopic pregnancy has not increased.

Ectopic pregnancy is a pregnant egg stay, bed, and develop in the fallopian tube, causing the fallopian tubal pregnancy or rupture.There are often no obvious symptoms before miscarriage or rupture, as well as menopause, abdominal pain, and a small amount of vaginal bleeding.After the rupture, it shows acute and severe abdominal pain, repeated attacks, vaginal bleeding, and even shock.

If a woman who placed the birthpool, if the moon is expected and has irregular vaginal bleeding, and is accompanied by a mild or severe abdominal pain, they should be alert to whether there is a possibility of ectopic pregnancy, and go to the hospital for timely treatment.

The actual situation

Although the internal pregnancy of the instrument is considered to be uncomfortable by most people, some pregnant women still choose to have a child in actual life. Of course, doctors need to strictly check whether they can adventure to continue pregnancy.The risk of pregnancy and the harm of the child is unpredictable. Therefore, it is necessary to think that the pregnancy needs to be considered to be considered, and professional examinations are required to listen to the opinions of professionals.Whether or not pregnancy depends on the situation of pregnancy and the condition and physical fitness of each person.

The palace is placed in the palace, although it can avoid pregnancy, but the success rate is about 90%, and it can not be lost.After the in -palaces are placed, they still need to check the condition of the birthplace on time to ensure that the birthplace does not fall off and other conditions, which can effectively play a contraceptive effect.

Because the heterogene is in -palace, it may be excluded or generated by inflammatory reactions.When the menstrual flow changes or the blood -like secretions are processed, the doctor should be explained in time to avoid unnecessary harm to the body.Everyone’s response to foreign objects is different, and some can adapt quickly, but some cannot adapt or even need to remove the birthplace.Daily reducing various types of inflammation, you can choose a certain amount of dandelion.

Dandelion has the function of broad -spectrum antibacterial and anti -inflammatory. As an important plant for food, it is smaller than the side effects of drugs, and it is more suitable for daily care.Dandelion has a broad -spectrum bacteriostatic effect, and has effect on Gram -positive bacteria, Gram -negative bacteria and fungi, and does not produce resistance.Dandelion can be used to treat high fever, cervical erosion, pelvic block and attachment, urinary tract infection, etc.

Dandelion has a prolactin effect and can also be used for breast swelling caused by poor lactation; it has the effect of improving cholesterol lesy and promoting estrogen secretion, and can regulate the endocrine function of pregnancy or ovarian resection animal models.When the four seasons are inconvenient, the same purpose can be achieved through its tea drink.

I wish all women a good body, and I wish all mothers to have a healthy baby.

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