Can a few children see a few children in the six weeks of pregnancy?You have to comprehensively look at the number of pregnancy sacs and fetal heart

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Question: Can I see how many babies are pregnant through the pregnancy sac at 6 weeks of pregnancy?

For women without common sense, they may not know what kind of pregnancy sac is.

The pregnancy sac is an embryo tissue in the early pregnancy. Generally, after more than 40 days of menstruation, through the B -ultrasound, it can be seen in the uterine cavity. A round or oval -shaped area can occasionThe shape is the gestational sac.

At this time, by observing the size, shape of the pregnancy sac, and the location, you can determine whether the inside of the palace is still ectopic pregnancy and whether the embryo survives.The size of the pregnancy sac is also affected by many factors such as pregnancy time, nutrition, bed location, and uterine size.

Not necessarily, you must comprehensively look at the "gestational sac" and "fetal heart".

1. If you see a gestational sac, it may be a single child or a twin.

Because it depends on the fetal heart, if there is only one fetal heart, it is undoubtedly a single child; but if there are two fetal hearts in the same gestational sac, it is "double folding fur film", which is what we usually say that we usually say"Twins of the same ovulation".

PS: Some people have just got pregnant and only see one pregnancy sac. There is no fetal heart. B -ultrasound may display a single child. After a while, you will be reviewed. There are two fetal hearts.The situation of the twins, this situation also exists.

2. But if you see two gestational sacs, it should be at least twins. This twin refers to the "double choric membrane twin", which is what we call "heterogeneous twins";

Of course, there may also be "multi -fetal" situations, and it is still necessary to listen to the doctor’s advice.

In the early stages of pregnancy, there is a saying that "look at the shape of the gestational sac to judge the gender of the fetus": the long strip is a boy, the oval or round is a girl.

Let’s take a look at the experience of netizens:

Small: My first b -ultrasound was oval in the shape of a girl, and the second child was also oval.

You can only rely on yourself: inaccurate, the first child, the second child are round, the value is similar, but the daughter of the first child, the second child son.

I have a belonging to my heart: I have verified it and inaccurate. The twins are analyzed by the shape of the data and the gestational sac that are a man and a woman … as a result, the two boys were born.

Let’s analyze scientific analysis:

First of all, the shape of the boy and the gestational sac has nothing to do with it. The gestational sac that you can see through the B -ultrasound is just a cut surface. When the B -ultrasound doctor checks, the cut surface is different, and the shape of the image display may be different.

Moreover, the fetal farm differentiation is generally completed in 12 weekends. Then there may be no fetal heart in 6 weeks of pregnancy. How can you see the gender of the fetus?

It can be seen that this statement is unreliable, no scientific basis, and it is not serious.Even if someone verifies such a statement, just like the first netizen, the gestational sac is elliptical, which is a girl, but this should be just coincidence, after all, there is 50%possibility.

Jingma suggested: In the early stages of pregnancy, because the embryo is still unstable, try to relax as much as possible, pay more attention to rest, more importantly!Regardless of a single child, boys and girls, it is the most important thing to go through early pregnancy, healthy development of baby, healthy development, and safe birth!

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