Can acupuncture help pregnancy really improve ovarian function?

Although raising children is not an easy task. For individual families, pregnancy may be more difficult than raising children.

Among these difficult groups, elderly family pregnancy is the most difficult.Because the impact of age on their fertility is irrelevant.

In addition, after the country opens the "two children" and "three children", there are more and more people who are preparing for secondary pregnancy and third child.

The most obvious impact of old age on women’s fertility is that the ovarian reserve function decreases, and the number and quality of eggs decrease.

But this does not mean that it is really not pregnant. It can only be said that the chance of pregnancy is lower than the chance of young women.

For example, female star Yi Nengjing had been to the United States for medical treatment, and was considered the possibility of pregnancy.Later, under the conditioning of Chinese medicine, he finally gave birth to his daughter Xiaomi grain with 46 years old.

Can Chinese medicine acupuncture really help to get pregnant and improve ovarian function?


Ms. Chen, 39, wants to prepare for a second child.I went to the hospital for examination and found that the AMH value was only 0.526ng/ml, and the basic follicle was less than 10.

So under the introduction of a friend, Dr. Li Yang was found to perform acupuncture and conditioning.

Combined with Ms. Chen’s signs and living habits, Dr. Li Yang made the following pregnancy preparing conditioning plan for her comprehensive evaluation:

1. Nutrient supplement:

Coenzyme Q10, DHEA, Jingli Energy (female version);

Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture with light breakfast and traditional Chinese medicine treatment.

2. Conditioning for gestational acupuncture:

Morphological plywood is 2-3 times a week, about 2 hours each time.

3. Daily life:

1. Two days of bathing in qi and blood squares once every two days;

2. Conditioning through medicine and food to regulate anemia;

3. Sports + light-breaking, weighing 3-5 pounds;

After a month of acupuncture treatment, Ms. Chen went to check and found that the AMH value was doubled to 1.52ng/ml.

Dr. Li Yang "wakes up" the declined ovaries through the "Extreme Needle" needle method, and develops into high -quality follicles by activating the original stagnant follicles.

Person Getting Acupuncture Treatment

"Extreme Needle" has the effects of regulating, nourishing liver and kidney, soothing, and regulating menstruation.

At the same time, it can also act on the regulation mechanism of "Hulkin -pituitary -ovarian axis", which can improve ovarian function, improve reproductive and fertility, regulate endocrine, and delay aging.

Commonly used acupoints are available: Guan Yuan, Zhongli, Uterine, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, Times, Baihui, etc., based on the principles of adjustment, nourishing liver and kidney, and soothing.Essence

For elderly women, pregnancy is not easy. In addition to being under pressure brought about by poor ovarian function, psychological pressure must be affected.Before pregnancy, through acupuncture conditioning, effectively improves ovarian function, which can greatly reduce the stumbling block on the road of pregnancy.

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