Can brown sugar water really relieve dysmenorrhea?Doctor: Not all dysmenorrhea is suitable for drinking brown sugar water

Wen Li had dysmenorrhea from an early age. Before menstruation, Wenli was terrible. When she was in high school, she had a few pain to faint and was sent to the hospital by her classmates.Later, Wenli heard that she could relieve dysmenorrhea after she had a child and gave birth to a child, but it was useless for Wenli.Every time Wenli dysmenorrhea, her husband cares about her and gives her brown sugar water, but does not work.She still couldn’t make it.Later, Wenli went to see the doctor, and only to know that she was a secondary dysmenorrhea, and brown sugar water could not alleviate this pain at all.

For female dysmenorrhea, many people think that drinking hot brown sugar water can relieve pain, because hot brown sugar water can increase blood circulation and increase comfort.However, dysmenorrhea is very complicated. It is divided into primary dysmenorrhea and secondary dysmenorrhea, and brown sugar water cannot relieve pain for secondary dysmenorrhea. If it is secondary dysmenorrhea or endometriosis, please go to the hospitalTreatment.Today’s women are high -efficiency, fast rhythm, nightlife, more spicy food, at the same time, high living and working pressure, endocrine disorders, and easy irritability. This is not suitable for drinking brown sugar water or ginger sugar water.So how should women prevent dysmenorrhea?

1. Diet

Diet within 3-5 days before menstruation is mainly light foods, especially to avoid eating cold stimulation of food. Stimulation of cold stimulation can stimulate uterus and fallopian tube contraction, thereby inducing or aggravating dysmenorrhea.When menstruation is tide, you should avoid eating all cold and spicy foods.

Second, keep warm

Do not let yourself be cold and cold during menstruation, especially the abdomen, waist and other positions. Be sure to keep warm and not cool.At the same time, you can soak your feet with hot compresses to enhance blood circulation and avoid pain caused by blood accumulation.

Third, regular work

Life must be regular. Going up early and getting up early, you must ensure your sleep time. Good sleep can make your body getting healthier.At the same time, we must combine work and rest, soothe pressure, and relax.Do not do strenuous exercise during menstruation.

4. Correctly treat menstruation

It is necessary to know that menstruation is normal physiological phenomenon, do not give yourself too much concern, avoid tension and fear during menstrual period, and keep your mood happy.

If the dysmenorrhea is very serious and it has affected your daily life, you can use drug treatment, such as taking analgesic drugs, but it is not recommended that women take painkillers for a long time to relieve pain.Safety and no side effects.

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