Can eating more white fungus really beauty?Keep these 2 points in mind, otherwise it may affect physical health

We often hear such a method, "Tremella can beauty and beauty, and we can’t afford bird’s nest, then use Tremella to replace it!"

Indeed, the price of Tremella and bird’s nest is far from the price, and the Tremella is seen everywhere in the supermarket or the vegetable market, and whether it is stewed soup or stew, we can put some white fungus. The taste is still good!

Does Tremella contain collagen?

Is it really beautiful to eat more Tremella?

Let’s take a look at what the doctor says!

Can I eat Tremella every day?Many people think that Tremella is rich in nutrition. Because of the most collagen, it is not only good for the body, but also makes the skin and skin smooth and delicate. It is replaced by a slum girl. In fact, the nutritional value of Tremella is not as high as everyone expectEssence

Compared with fungus vegetables and fungus, Tremella is unique. Although it also contains viscous protein, dietary fiber, minerals, etc., the content is not high.Collagen.

If you like the taste of Tremella, you can eat it in moderation, and you can remind everyone that you want to eat Tremella to beauty and beauty, then you can only think about it. Tremella can help clearly clear the intestinal tract and ordinary fungus vegetables.Two.

Effect of Tremella

Tremella polysaccharide not only helps promote the growth of intestinal probiotics and protect intestinal health, but also improves the ability of macrophages to phagocytophaphic pathogenesis and improve the human body’s immune level.Another study has found that Tremella polysaccharides can extend the action time of insulin in animals from 3 to 4 hours to 8-12 hours, which can also help the stability of blood sugar in diabetic patients.

Lipoplastin is also called old -age elements.Tremella polysaccharides can reduce the deposits of lipoplastin in myocardial muscle, body surface skin.Coupled with the good water holdings of Tremella polysaccharides, it helps to replenish the moisture that the body needs. Therefore, eating Tremella often has a certain beauty and skin care effect.

Edible Tremella in keeping these 2 points in mind

First, you can’t eat before going to bed

Generally, when cooking Tremella soup, you will put a little rock sugar to increase the sweetness. After adding sugar, the sugar of Tremella soup will become higher. After eating, it will easily increase blood viscosity.There is a bad effect.

Second, the white fungus overnight cannot be eaten

Everyone knows that do not eat overnight dishes, because after one night of storage, it is easy to produce some nitrite. The same is true of Tremella. After one night, nitrite will be produced.It is harmful; some people say that it will be better in the refrigerator in the refrigerator. In fact, it will also react at a low temperature state. Therefore, do not cook too much every time you cook white fungus soup.of.

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