Can emergency contraceptives be used regularly?The effect is limited and easy to harm the body

On September 26, 2016, the staff of Funan County Maternal and Child Health Family Planning Service Station in Funan County, Anhui Province were telling the public to preach contraceptive knowledge.

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At present, more and more couples have increased their awareness of contraception, and contraceptive products on the market are also diverse, but many people still have questions about emergency contraceptives and misunderstandings in their use.Many women use emergency contraceptives as conventional medicines, but they find that there are many problems with their bodies; some people are still pregnant after taking contraceptives, fearing that contraceptives will affect embryonic health.So, can emergency contraceptives be used regularly?What is the effect of emergency contraceptives?If you are still pregnant after taking contraceptives, will it affect your baby’s health?

"Nanjing Daily" reported that Xu Qing, director of the Nanjing Maternal and Child Family Planning Operation Room, said: "If it is not unsatisfied, take an emergency contraceptive medicine for more than 3 times a year, and the menstrual cycle per month is not more than once." Xu Qing introduced, many, manyYoung women treat emergency contraceptives as "life -saving straws", and even some women eat once in the same room once, which will bring great harm to the body.Emergency contraceptives are a kind of progesterone. Taking it too often will affect menstruation and endocrine function.

In response to the effect of emergency contraceptives, the Science and Technology Daily reported that the effective rate of emergency contraceptives was significantly lower than conventional contraceptive methods.The success rate of conventional contraceptives is more than 90%, while emergency contraceptives are only 70%to 80%.

So, if you are still pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives, will it affect your baby?"Hangzhou Daily" reported that urgent contraceptives have no effect on the embryo and whether they can continue pregnancy.The more common point of view is that if you take emergency contraceptives in the month of pregnancy, the effect of pregnancy is "all or none", that is, if it has an impact on the embryo, it may occur in early pregnancy.It will continue to be pregnant naturally; if taking emergency contraceptives after 4 weeks of pregnancy, the possibility of fetal malformations increases.Therefore, the drug instructions are banned from those of pregnancy or suspicious pregnancy.However, on the question of whether to terminate pregnancy, you still need to consult an obstetrician and gynecologist and make a decision after understanding all possible risks.So, does emergency contraceptive affect the next pregnancy?At present, it is not available, but it is generally recommended to try to get pregnant after two or three menstrual cycles.

Many women are worried about whether emergency contraceptive contraceptive failure will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy. In this regard, Xinhuanet reports that once contraceptive failure, the risk of ectopic pregnancy will be significantly higher than that of the palace pregnancy, and the abnormal level will beThe incidence of pregnancy is about 5 times that of not taking emergency contraceptives.Huang Hefeng, a professor at the International Peace and Child Health Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University Medical College, said that women need to fully understand the risks of using emergency contraceptives. Once emergency contraception fails, it is necessary to be alert to increase risk of risk of ectopic pregnancy and reduce non -protective sexual behavior within the same cycleThe occurrence of medical treatment in time.(Huang Yue)

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