Can hypothyroidism be pregnant?How long can I conceive?Does it affect fetal intelligence?

Thyroid dysfunction (hypothyroidism) is a common thyroid disease. It is a thyroid dysfunction caused by various reasons that cause insufficient thyroid hormone secretion in the body and cannot meet normal metabolism.Especially easily occurred in women.

In the first few months of pregnancy, the fetus relied on the mother’s thyroid hormone.The thyroid hormone is extremely important in normal brain development and fetal growth.Mother’s hypothyroidism will have a long -term impact on the fetus.Studies have shown that the incidence of fetal death, abortion, cardiovascular malformations, and low -weight children of unprecedented pregnant women with unprecedented hypothyroid women (or values were 44.24, 13.45, 10.44, 9.05, respectively).In other words, women with hypothyroidism are pregnant and have not been well controlled by hypothyroidism. They will damage the development of neuro -intellectual intelligence of offspring, increasing the risks such as premature birth, abortion, low weight, death, and hypertension during pregnancy.

Some patients may not be found if the symptoms of hypothyroidism are mild.Flat tunnel syndrome (hand tingling or pain), slow heart rate, muscle spasm (muscle tightness), inadequate attention, and disorders of menstrual disorders.If you find the above symptoms, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination in time.

If you are pregnant and have some symptoms mentioned above, suspect that you need to perform thyroid function tests when you have hypothyroidism.reduce.

Among them, the diagnostic standard for clinical hypothyroidism during pregnancy is: TSH> The upper limit of reference value during pregnancy, and the FT4 is less than the lower limit of reference value during pregnancy.According to the ATA guideline, if the pregnant woman TSH is greater than 10miu/L, regardless of whether or not FT4 is reduced, it can be diagnosed as clinical hypothyroidism.However, the academic community has not obtained unanimous opinions on the standard of TSH> 10miu/L.

At present, for women who are preparing for or early pregnancy, thyroid function testing is recommended to eliminate hidden hypothyroidism.If there are hypothyroidism, a history of hypothyroidism, a history of Hashimoto’s thyroid glanditis, or a pregnant woman with other endocrine system diseases, thyroid function testing and screening should be performed.

For women who have hypothyroidism before pregnancy, if there is a pregnancy plan, it is recommended to control the level of thyroid hormones within the normal range before pregnancy.Generally, left norexorine tablets are selected to treat hypothyroidism and often use You Alene.According to the requirements of ATA, the specific target TSH is 0.1-2.5miu/L. The ideal goal is to meet TSH0.1-1.5miU/L.Although there is no difference in the occurrence of these two areas to the occurrence of pregnancy endings, when controlling TSH at 0.1-2.5miu/L, mild hypothyroidism in early pregnancy will be further reduced.

A random control test (RCT) shows that if hypothyroidism is taken for a long time to take excellent nail music treatment, and accidental pregnancy, the dosage of Youjia music is needed immediately.Studies believe that the most practical and simple drug tone is to increase the dose of 2 days a week (that is, the dose of the best at this time increases by 29%compared to before pregnancy).This method of adding medicines can prevent the occurrence of hypertrophyxinemia in early pregnancy as soon as possible.

If no hypothyroidism is found before pregnancy, but it is found to be clinical hypothyroidism (FT4 decreases, TSH increases) during pregnancy.At this time, thyroid hormone (excellent norelete) must be performed, and left thyroid glands are used for treatment. It is not recommended to treat T3 or dry thyroid glandular gonads.Generally speaking, non-pregnancy adult Youjia Le completely replaced the dose is 1.6-1.8ug/(kg) per day. At this time, the need for pregnant women should be much more..According to the situation of pregnant women, the initial dose is 50-100ug, which meets the standard as soon as possible.Pregnant women with cardiovascular disease need to be added slowly.For severe hypothyroidism pregnant women, it is necessary to supplement 2 times the alternative within a few days of the treatment, so that the T4 pool outside the thyroid gland will return to normal as soon as possible.

After hypothyroidism is treated with hypothyroidism during pregnancy, it is necessary to review regularly to avoid excessive or insufficient thyroid hormones, because both cases will cause adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses.According to the "Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of thyroid diseases in pregnancy and postpartum", thyroid function (FT4, TSH) is checked every 4 weeks within 1-20 weeks of pregnancy; thyroid function should be measured at 26-32 weeks.

According to the ATA guidelines, the goal of TSH should be: 0.1-2.5miu/L in the early pregnancy (1-12 weeks), the mid-term (13-27 weeks) is 0.2-3.0miu/L, and the later period (28-40 weeks)It is 0.3-3.0miu/L.

When a hypothyroidism woman is pregnant, the dosage of the best nail music due to pregnancy itself is due to pregnancy itself.Therefore, postpartum women’s preferability doses will be reduced accordingly, but the drug should not be discontinued without authorization.At this time, it is recommended to review the skills in about 6 weeks after delivery, and adjust the corresponding dose of Youjia Le according to the review.

More importantly, newborns should regularly check the level of thyroid hormone levels to eliminate the possibility of congenital hypothyroidism.

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