Can I change my face shape?Should we be pulled up?

I don’t know when it started, there is a saying on the Internet, saying that wisdom teeth can lose face?Change the face shape?I saw a lot of celebrities who did n’t see it a few months later. The face shape was changed. The media asked that it was not the same as before. Is it a facelift?Most people may respond to saying: "Wisdom tooth extraction", this kind of words make many beautiful girls want to move, and have been trying not to get wisdom tooth to make themselves more beautiful?So, can I really change my face shape?

After this speech is wanton online, many friends go to the dental clinic to ask if this is true. In fact, this can be clearly told everyone that it is impossible to thin the face, and it is impossible to change the face shape.

Smart teeth refer to the third -teeth on the innermost alveolar bone in the human mouth, and the number of tooths from the middle is just the eighth tooth.Because it sprung up very late, it is usually erupted between the age of 16 to 25. At this time, the physiological and psychological development of people is close to maturity. It has the symbol of "wisdom coming", so it is commonly known as "wisdom teeth".

In terms of wisdom teeth growth, there are great differences in individuals. Generally, there should be 4 teeth with symmetrical symmetry up, bottom, left and right, and less than 4 or even no, and very few people will be more than 4.The age difference is also very different. Some people sprung up before the age of 20, and some people are 40 or 50 years old. They are not long or long. This is normal.

If the face shape can be changed by pulling wisdom teeth, will the cosmetic industry go on?Just go to the mouth clinic to pull off the wisdom teeth.

Since wisdom teeth cannot be thin, should the wisdom teeth be removed?

Tooth extraction does not want to unplug it, and sometimes it needs some conditions and requirements.Normally, wisdom teeth are not recommended to remove without affecting normal life. After all, tooth extraction is also a traumatic operation or a certain risk.

However, if often inflammatory, wisdom tooth caries, it is recommended to remove in this case, which affects other teeth.Especially women are prone to changes in hormones during pregnancy, and some pregnant women will have wisdom tooth inflammation during pregnancy. If women usually have inflammation during menstrual periods, it is recommended to remove them.

Little friends, have you pulled wisdom teeth?

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