Can I continue to breastfeed during breastfeeding?11 questions about pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you want to be weaned during breastfeeding?If you are pregnant during breastfeeding, can you still continue to feed with breast milk?

Breastfeeding during breastfeeding, and always breastfeeding to the birth of the second baby, and then at the same time breastfeeding, the situation of older brothers and sisters is academically called "tandem nursing".

From the fall of the baby to a toddler, breast milk is always the best food for the baby.Over time, children’s demand for breast milk will decrease.Breast milk can enhance the baby’s immunity.Some mothers will gradually wean the big baby during pregnancy, but some mothers who are too young or unexpectedly pregnant will continue to be breastfeeding.However, insisting on breast milk during pregnancy may cause mothers to need more rest time every day, especially in the first three months of pregnancy.

There are large individual differences in women’s bodies, and many mothers may have successfully conceive during breastfeeding.Sometimes, the introduction of supplementary foods, reducing milk can also stimulate women’s ovulation during lactating women, while some mothers need to adjust their feeding between two hours or wait for the baby to start to sleep before they will restore their fertility.

Whether you are planning to be pregnant during breastfeeding, or you are already pregnant again. Regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding, you may have these questions:

Q1 Is there a pregnancy plan to be weaned?A is actually not necessarily.Breastfeeding does delay the recovery of women’s fertility, especially when breastfeeding has high frequency and long breastfeeding time.But after most mothers restore menstruation, breastfeeding can still be pregnant with another baby.

Q2 Is there a way to restore fertility earlier?A can try to change the breastfeeding method.Of course, everyone’s situation is different, so there is no clear answer to this point that can ensure that breastfeeding mothers must be able to restore fertility, but suddenly changing feeding frequency is often better than step -by -step effects -it is easier to come.Menstruation.

Of course, mothers and babies have to prepare for sudden changes.At this time, you can leave more private space for yourself, so that the body pretends to be in the "non -breastfeeding stage".

Many mothers will restore menstruation after the baby adds supplementary food (or increase the amount of supplementary food and meals).

Q 3rd, can I be pregnant with baby?A. If the menstrual cycle is normal, then the mother is likely to restore normal fertility at this time.

The menstrual cycle is too long, too short, or irregularly means that the normal physiological period has not been recovered, but sometimes this is only because each person’s body operates differently.For example, when I breastfeed the two children myself, I have been menstruation in the ninth month, but during the breastfeeding period, the menstrual cycle has not been recovered as usual, but only once every two months. In this case, I will get pregnant., But it is not as easy as non -breastfeeding.

Q4 Can I get pregnant without menstruation?

A yes!But the probability is very small.If you do n’t have menstruation and you are pregnant, it means that you are about to come to menstruation, but before menstruation, you will be pregnant -equivalent to seizing the opportunity to ovulation during breastfeeding.

If you are not ready to conceive again, please take preventive measures, because breastfeeding is indeed possible to get pregnant again.

Will breastfeeding during pregnancy affect the baby in the belly?

A mothers who continue to breastfeed during pregnancy may be most concerned about this problem.On the surface, in the normal pregnancy period, as long as the mother does not have a history of abortion (the first 20 weeks) or the history of premature (after 20 weeks), breastfeeding will not cause adverse effects.Unexpected abortion is usually not caused by breast milk.

Will breastfeeding seize the nutrition of the fetus?In fact, after taking care of Dabao’s experience, mothers usually eat healthier and take good care of themselves during the second pregnancy.Because the body will give priority to all nutrients for unborn babies, TA will even be healthier than other babies!

Some mothers are worried that Dabao will suck her brother/sister’s first milk after she produces.During the third trimester, Dabao only allows Dabao to eat one side breast milk, but in fact, even if it does not do this, the mother’s breasts seem to automatically restore the secretion of colostrum -colostrum, which is available for limited time, not limited supply.As long as the baby sucks in a certain period, he can drink chrome.

During pregnancy, the mother’s body will naturally secrete the kosection, and it may also appear after stopping breastfeeding Dabao for a period of time.The taste of colostrum is more salty than normal breast milk, which may cause Dabao to temporarily "anorexia". Of course, some children do not mind the mother’s milk taste quietly changed.It should be noted that colostrum is a natural "laxative" that can help newborn excrete tire dung and make the bowel more smooth, but it does not hurt the baby’s stomach.

We all know that breastfeeding or pregnancy requires mothers to adjust their diet to meet additional nutritional needs of pregnancy or breastfeeding. Therefore, if breastfeeding is required at the same time during pregnancy, of course, diet and nutrition will also become more important.At this point, related research has rarely focused on the nutritional needs of continuous feeding mothers, but our body can actually adjust the metabolism by ourselves, so we don’t need to consume extra vitamins and minerals.

Is there any special feeling of lactating pregnancy?

A breastfeeding during pregnancy may lead to various side effects: some mothers will be more serious during feeding due to hormone changes, hunger and thirst in the body;For a period of time, the mother may feel nipple soreness and increase the difficulty of feeding the baby.

But some mothers do not experience this.How much feeding and lactating can reduce the discomfort of mothers, for example, you can choose to lie down and feed your baby.Although they may experience these pains, some mothers still think that breastfeeding is greater than the disadvantages, and they will continue to breastfeed themselves.Most nipple soreness disappears after delivery.

Some mothers think that these soreness can still endure, because it helps reduce some problems, such as postpartum nipple trauma.

Q7 What will you feel?A, although you can meet the nutrition and emotional needs of the two babies during breastfeeding, you will also worry about what the Boy will think?

In fact, it is precisely because the two babies will share the precious breast milk of the mother that many big treasures will have a special emotional hub with the baby to reduce the emotions of jealousy and disgust, because Dabao will find that the arrival of his brother and sister has not caused him to be caught."Rejection outside."More importantly, mothers did not change their intimate breastfeeding relationship between them.

Q 8 Will the amount of breast milk change?The impact of hormone during A pregnancy, many mothers will find that no matter whether they change the habit of breastfeeding, the amount of breast milk will be reduced.However, if the frequency of breastfeeding is actively reduced, the amount of breast milk will be less.

Q9 Should we wean Dabao?

A gives a baby who is less than one year old to choose the appropriate nutrition substitute -formula milk.The older baby may have learned to drink some other liquid with a cup, and you can drink fresh milk after one year old.If the baby can understand what the adult said, you can tell him that he feels uncomfortable (such as: the mother’s nipples are painful), or delay breastfeeding, shortening breastfeeding time, etc.

If Dabao needs to be weaned during pregnancy, it is normal to have a sense of guilt.Because my mother can’t help but think that it is her own reason that Dabao can no longer eat milk, and feels lost for the end of the breastfeeding relationship.At this time, you can try to focus on the little baby to reduce the inner sense of guilt.Some mothers say that after the second baby is born, weaning Dabao will continue to eat breast milk.

If Dabao can’t wean anyway, you can try to wean or shorten each feeding time more slowly, but it doesn’t matter if you keep milk. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Q 10 "continuous feeding" is there any benefits?A, whether it is to feed Dabao alone during pregnancy or feed two babies at the same time after giving birth, the mother’s inner feelings will be very good!Watching the babies holding milk together, this feeling should be very wonderful.

Q 11 What are the specific operations of two babies at the same time?

Mom A can at the same time, or you can feed two babies in turns.Children may need to eat milk at a completely different time.You may find that because your milk is too sufficient, Dabao will want to drink milk more!At the beginning, we will feel very cute, but it is also very important to limit Dabao’s breastfeeding.In fact, only the mother can determine what is the most suitable way for babies, such as sitting and feeding, lying down and feeding, etc., which can help us take care of the two babies better.

The mothers of the two babies will secrete more milk, so newborns may not be able to adapt to the mother’s breast reflection.At this time, you can try to change the breastfeeding steps. First, use one side of the breast to feed Dabao to stimulate the breast reflection of the breast, let the milk flow rate slow down and then let Xiaobao suck.You can also take half -lying feeding, which will also reduce milk.

Of course, you can also consult a professional lactation consultant for breastfeeding during pregnancy and postpartum breastfeeding.

I wish everything go smoothly ❤️


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