Can I do housework after pregnancy?These 4 housework pregnant mothers are best not to do!Easy to hurt the fetus

After the woman was pregnant, some expectant mothers became the key protection objects at home, completely staying in bed, for fear of accidental fetal gas.There are also some pregnant mothers who are still in charge even after pregnancy, and are responsible for the inside and outside of the family.

But in fact, these two methods are not desirable.So how to do housework to ensure that the baby is not harmed?I believe you can understand through the following content.

Early pregnancy is the critical period of formal embryo bed. During this period, the fetus is relatively not stable enough. At this time, it is not recommended that our expectant mothers do housework, and expectant mothers can be lazy.

In the late pregnancy, when the fetus is stable, pregnant mothers can choose simple housework to play a proper effect.In the process of labor, you can also invite prospective dads. In this way, you can have the care of your family, and at the same time, you can experience fun in labor.

1. Housework of bending down or squatting

The two actions of bending and squatting will compress the abdomen of the expectant mothers, which is likely to hurt the developing fetus, and it will also aggravate the symptoms of the backache and leg pain of the expectant mother.

2. Lifting heavy object

No matter how strong the mother is usually, do not choose for the housework of heavy objects, because when raising the weight, the abdomen needs to be harder, which can easily cause contractions and cause accidental damage to the fetus.

3. Cleaning housework

Among the cleaning housework, it is bound to be related to the water. If the water is accidentally sprinkled on the ground, the pregnant woman will fall easily during the process of doing housework.

At the same time, some cleaning work requires Baoma to contact the cleaning agent, especially some cleaning agents with irritating odor, which may cause vomiting of expectant mothers and cause physical discomfort. Therefore, avoid contact with such cleaning agents.

4, ascend to height

For the "technical work" of cleaning cabinet tops and climbing clothes, the expectant mothers should give it to the prospective father to complete it. Don’t easily put yourself and your baby in danger.

● Pregnant moms with abdominal pain, bleeding, or judgment as threatened abortion must be restrained in bed.

● Specific mothers who have a habitual abortion should pay special attention to keep the fetus and rest.

● Low flexibility or pregnant mothers with less housework before, keep the original before pregnancy, do not need to do housework.

● Specific mothers with twins and even trigen, try to do less housework and rest.

During the pregnancy, the expectant mothers, in order to avoid housework, are too tired. Generally, when the housework is about 15 minutes, it is necessary to rest once. The main task of pregnancy is to protect themselves and the baby.Intersection

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