Can I dye my hair during pregnancy and lactation?


In October, the baby finally fell to the ground, so the beautiful hearts of the mother began to rub.After all, when I was holding my stomach, in order to avoid affecting the baby, many numbness put makeup and hair dye aside.However, there is another sound. Mother -in -lactating mothers cannot dye hair. Hair dyes will make the baby poisoning. Is this so?

We used "breastfeeding+hair dye" to search for the remarks of the big V, and as a result, almost all parenting experts, pediatricians, hospitals, media, and beauty experts were saying that hair dyeing was wrong.

The only one who stood alone on the opposite side: Dr. Cui Yutao.

Some people say that Dr. Cui is a doctor who studies the theory of parenting in the West. We are Chinese.Is this "physical difference" again?of course not.This is just a harsh childcare environment: whether the media, the enthusiastic forum friends, or the aunt of the garden, they all like to be scary.The most happy to spread is the answer with scientific basis, but the most scary.

Chemical preparations are only absorbed by the surface of the skin, and the body’s absorption is very small. It will not penetrate the scalp. It will not be absorbed by the blood nor can it be absorbed by milk, so it will not affect the baby.

Uranus Kun Ling dyed a dazzling purple during lactation

I want to say that this time I stood by Dr. Cui.Hair dye will only be absorbed by the surface of the skin and will not be absorbed by milk. The baby will not be poisoned because of this. Do n’t let your child eat hair after dyeing.

Rumors: Hair dyes contain a large amount of chemical elements and heavy metals.

Truth: First of all, we need to be clear. What we discuss is the qualified product of regular manufacturers, otherwise there will be no way to continue this topic.On this basis, let’s see if hair dye will cause damage to breastfeeding babies.

There may be some tangled ingredients in the hair dye, such as "heavy metal" -lord or 铋.But the problem is that there are few heavy metals in mainstream hair dye products.

We can choose some infectious products from regular supermarkets, and then look at the ingredient list. It is difficult to see heavy metal ingredients such as lead or 铋.In other words, the age of worrying about hair dye heavy metal poisoning has slowly passed. Moms can take a serious look at the ingredient table before buying, and buy a hair dye that does not contain heavy metals to use it.

Rumors: This section of a large V was even more amazing. According to his statistics, more than 90%of the products of hair dye have carcinogenic effects.

Truth: Studying carcinogenicity is a job that may only be completed for decades and can only be done for tens of thousands of people.IARC, the International Cancer Research Center, did a lifetime before confirming that 114 carcinogenic substances were confirmed.An unknown American experts casually discovered 150 carcinogenic products.Please note that "carcinogenic effect" is more serious than "carcinogen":

Even if it contains carcinogenic substances, when the number of small amounts and frequency is low, it may not necessarily have a carcinogenic effect.

Hair dye is not absolutely safe because it may cause allergies, such as inducing contact dermatitis or allergic dermatitis, making the mother feel itchy or irritable.And the abnormal performance of the mother will only make the baby be infected with emotions and become unhappy, but there will never be carcinogenic or poisoning.

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