Can I eat goose eggs during pregnancy?

The role of goose eggs is introduced above, so today I will introduce you to the home -cooked food of goose eggs.Although the way of recommending goose eggs for you is boiled goose eggs or steaming goose eggs, but always such a white goose egg will definitely be tired, so you need to change the goose eggs often.The goose eggs introduced to you today are also stewed goose egg soup, three fresh goose eggs, and Angelica goose egg soup.

Stew big goose egg soup

Cook the goose eggs with boiling water, remove the goose eggs, peel it in cold water, and take out for later use. Put the shiitake mushrooms or cabbage and goose eggs in the boiling broth. After 5 minutes, put it in an appropriate amount of salt.

Water steamed goose egg

Be careful not to add too much water like steaming eggs. Generally, 3 tablespoons of water with a small spoon are enough. The goose eggs are not easy to solidify when cooking.The goose egg custard is particularly smooth and tender, rich in nutrition, which is very suitable for babies to eat.

Boiled goose egg:

Goose eggs are rich in various nutrients. They can usually cook one goose eggs per day to eat directly for children, which can prevent measles and have detoxification effects. Children can eat more and healthy. Women eat 1-3 every day, slowly slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, and slowlyIt can improve the rough skin, make the skin shiny, and rosy face.

Pleurotus eryngii mushroom green pepper scrambled goose egg

Material preparation: goose egg, 1 Pleurotus eryngii, 1 green pepper, 50 grams of ham sausage, salt, sugar, cooking wine, ginger, pepper, oyster sauce, chicken essence.


Wash the green pepper, cut the small pieces, wash the eryngii mushrooms and cut into small pieces, and cut the ham sausage into small pieces.

Wash the goose eggs and put them in a small pot.Use cold water and cooked in low heat.Put the goose eggs in cold water and peel off the eggshell slowly.Pleurotus eryngii was removed with boiling water.

The oil in the pot is hot, and the ginger is savory, and the green peppers are placed, and the eryngii mushrooms are stir -fry.When the green peppers are somewhat turned, put down the goose eggs, ham sausages, and cooking wine.

Add salt, sugar, oyster sauce, pepper.Add some chicken essence and stir well.

Can I eat goose eggs during pregnancy -see what the experts say

Three Fresh Goose Eggs

Material preparation: goose eggs, shiitake mushrooms, ham, cabbage, moderate amount of wet starch, broth.


After cooking the goose eggs, remove the eggshell for later use. Ham and mushrooms are cut into small slices for later use. Wash the cabbage with hot water and remove it.

Pour the oil in the pan and burn it to 9 points, and get the goose eggs,

Put a little more old soy sauce, add a little salt, peppercorns, add broth, simmer slowly for a moment, add the ham mushrooms and simmer for 10 minutes.

Get the juice, put the appropriate amount of chicken essence, you can get it on the table.

Angelica goose egg soup

Material preparation: Angelica goose egg, red dates Gou


Wash the angelica water first, cut into slices, and then put the cut angelica in boiling water and cook

Add the goose eggs to the pot in the water and cook, pick it up and put it in cold water, peel off the shell, and then use a toothpick to tie the peeled goose eggs to make it better taste

Add eggs and red dates, cook more than 5 minutes of wolfberry, put brown sugar in a pot

If you pay attention to the price of goose eggs, you can find that the price of goose eggs is currently very affordable.And Xiaobian reveals good news: most of the current goose eggs are new goose eggs, so the nutritional value is more comprehensive, and it is also very suitable for pregnant women, children, and elderly people.If you can’t eat the goose eggs now, you can also be marinated into salty goose eggs. Such goose eggs have been stored longer.However, it is not recommended that pregnant women eat salted goose eggs, because salted goose eggs will be a little high -sodium salt after being marinated, which is not suitable for pregnant women and infants.

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