Can I eat persimmon on an empty stomach?Reminder: I can’t eat well, be careful of "Stomach Stone Stone" to come to the door

Autumn and winter can be said to be the best time to eat persimmons, but because of this, there will be some taboos to eat persimmons on the Internet, such as: yogurt+persimmons will have poisoning and so on.

In fact, the rumors of persimmon must pursue a substance called "tannic acid". Tannic acid is also called tannin and tannin is a polyphenol.

Under certain conditions, tannic acid can combine with protein to form a macromoleculed, and insoluble in water, called "tannic acid protein".stone.

This "stomach stones" can cause mechanical damage to the gastrointestinal mucosa, compress the gastric wall, block the pylorus, and further stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, increase.

Therefore, for patients with acute and chronic gastric stones, symptoms such as upper abdomen pain, bloating, nausea, vomiting, black stools and other symptoms will occur.

The reason why persimmons cannot be eaten with eggs, yogurt, etc. are mainly because "tannic acid protein" will be produced.

Is the "persimmon" be far away in the future?

Of course, it is not necessary. As long as it is not consumed, or if you eat persimmons with high tannic acid, there will be no problem.

Different persimmons, the tannic acid content is different, generally between 0.4%-4%, the difference can be said to reach ten times.

Generally speaking, persimmons are divided into sweetness and astringent. Before mature, sweet persimmons are astringent persimmons, and astringent persimmons want to become sweet persimmons. It can remove tannic acid through "manual".

In other words, the persimmons that can be purchased on the market are relatively low in tannic acid.

However, when the persimmons are not mature, the tannic acid is high, and it tastes astringent and bitter.Therefore, for the friends with persimmon trees in the family, you must wait for the persimmons to mature before eating.

Can persimmons be eaten on an empty stomach?

After many people eat persimmons, their stomachs will feel uncomfortable, mainly because they eat persimmons on an empty stomach, and gastrointestinal function is relatively weak.

If you eat persimmons for a long time, especially the astringent persimmons are likely to have "stomach stones", because tannic acid is easily fused with protein under the empty stomach.

For people with diabetes, be sure to eat persimmons in moderation, because the blood glucose index of persimmon is not very high, but the sugar content is high, and it is mostly dinose or monosaccharides.

Therefore, for people with diabetes, persimmons can not eat without eating.

What should I pay attention to when eating persimmons?

Do not eat more than 2 persimmons every day, be sure to control the amount;

Don’t eat more astringent persimmons, such as: in your own yard, you can "cover" and eat again;

People with weak gastrointestinal function also try to avoid persimmons as much as possible;

If you have a strong discomfort to eat persimmons, you must seek medical treatment in time.

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