Can I eat spicy during pregnancy?Will it be spicy to the baby?

There may be some taboos during pregnancy. For the normal growth of the fetus, many pregnant mothers will hold back their greedy problems.I may have heard of it during pregnancy that you cannot eat spicy, but for those pregnant women who are unreasonable, they may not be patient, especially in the hot summer, no longer have to reduce their holdings, they will want to eat something.Spicy, so can you eat spicy food during pregnancy?

Of course, as long as it is not a special constitution or the body has no special performance, there is no problem.

It won’t be spicy to baby when eating spicy food

Many people do not eat pepper during pregnancy. They are afraid of affecting the normal development of him. They are spicy as Qiqiao to smoke, and they will also have a great impact on the fetus through the blood tire barrier.For this statement, it is definitely empty talk, and there will not be a table of sour girls.

Stomach and mouth

Although eating peppers will not be spicy to children, it will affect the digestive system of the body. This is true.Eating spicy food will make us feel painful. This is the wrong judgment of our brain. However, when it is secreted by some internal peptides, it can alleviate this pain, and this kind of food will make my mother feel very pleasantThere will be good changes in the mood.But you have oral ulcers, gastrointestinal ulcers, gastrointestinalitis, gastroenteritis, hemorrhoids, etc., or have less money.

Disadvant to spicy food

Eating peppers can stimulate our intestines. If your digestive intestines are not very good, don’t eat chili.For pregnant women, various digestive tracts are not suitable. These people eat chili and have a pregnancy reaction. Constipation will occur in the middle of pregnancy.Although peppers can temporarily enhance your appetite, it will have a great impact on the intestinal stimulus.Therefore, we are not unable to eat chili, we must put it in moderation.

The benefits of spicy food

Pepper itself is not a poison. As long as you can have a healthy digestive tract, your body is great, you should eat some peppers. There is no problem. At the same time, you will have a happy mood and enhance your appetite.There are also some people who like to eat garlic. After scientific research, they will be exposed to various special smells of food during pregnancy.

Therefore, eating chili is okay, but according to your own physique and the purpose you want.To ensure the normal development and growth of the pregnant woman itself and the fetus, there is no abnormal body in the body. You can eat chili, but do not eat more, and you ca n’t eat on an empty stomach, especially in the morning and evening, you should pay more attention.

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