Can I get ovulation and pregnancy after menopause?##

Aunt Wang, 52, has been going on for two years. In the past few months, the only son had left the world when she encountered a car accident. Aunt Wang was distraught and wanted to regenerate a child.

After women’s menopause, it indicates that ovarian function has been exhausted. At this stage, the level of hormone in the body has fallen, and no eggs will be discharged. Without eggs, they will not combine fertilized eggs with sperm, so they will not get pregnant after menopause.

After women’s menopause, they cannot get pregnant under normal circumstances, but with the development of medical technology, women can also achieve the purpose of pregnancy through human factors. What is said is to be a test tube baby.

If there are special reasons after menopause, you need to have a special reason, and the period of menopause is not very long. You can consider the evaluation of ovarian function for the auxiliary fertility centers. If there is a little residual follicle, you can consider using the drug to promote ovulation.

However, because of the older age, the risk of ovulation promotion is greater, because at this time, the quality of the eggs, the physique of pregnant women, and physical condition are poor. It is difficult to succeed in test tubes.The probability of waiting is very high.And various complications of pregnancy will also greatly increase.

Therefore, unless you have to do it, it is generally not recommended to take risks to be a test tube baby.

Will ovulation after menopause?

Under normal circumstances, menstruation does not come for a year until a year, which means that the last period of the last menstruation stopped one year after stopping, indicating that menstruation was menstruation.

After women’s menopause, ovarian will not ovulate, because menopause is mainly due to ovarian functional and exhaustion of follicles in the ovaries, that is, there is no follicles in the ovaries after menopause, so ovulation will not be ovulated.

However, before menstruation, menstrual disorders will occur. Generally, ovulation will be ovulated, but ovulation is not a special rule. It may be only a few months of ovulation.

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