Can I get pregnant infected with HPV?Women’s disease census census, you can’t make it for free in Shenzhen!

Shenzhen people are always at the forefront of trend.

Because it was close to Hong Kong, many people went to Hong Kong early to get HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer.

(At that time, many mainland people may have not heard of HPV yet!)

After the "two -child policy" came out, many people who rushed to have children began to ask these questions again.

"Can you get pregnant infected with HPV?"

"Will HPV infection in pregnancy cause fetal malformations?"

"Can infection HPV still give birth naturally?"

What is the answer?Let’s give me a popular science!

What is HPV?

HPV is the English abbreviation of human papilloma virus. It is a kind of epithelial virus that exists in nature. Human skin, respiratory tract, reproductive tract, etc. may carry this virus.Therefore, all women with sexual life may bring HPV to their reproductive tract through sexual contact.

As far as women are concerned, HPV’s lifelong cumulative infection rate can be as high as about 70 %.But do n’t be nervous. This infection usually only lasts for a period of time. Most of them will turn yin for 8-10 months after the infection. Female cervical infection HPV is common. Only the continuous infection of high-risk HPV can cause cervical cancer.

HPV is divided into low -risk and high -risk subtypes.Low -risk subtype HPV infection mainly leads to the growth of skin and mucosal warts, such as genital warts; high -risk subtype HPV infections are related to cervical cancer and vulvar cancer. High -risk HPV can be detected in 99.7%of cervical cancer.

Can you get pregnant if you are infected with HPV?

It depends on which HPV is infected.

V Low -risk HPV infection:

It may cause condyloma acuminatum, which will develop rapidly during pregnancy, and may be transmitted to the fetus through the birth canal, causing newborn throat papilloma.

Therefore, those with condyloma acuminatum should be treated in time, and it is more secure after pregnancy.

V High -risk HPV infection:

Check that there are no high -level lesions, hurry up!

Women continue to infect high -risk HPVs and develop into cervical cancer. They also have to go through a very long process. The shortest is 7 to 10 years.According to relevant reports, high -risk HPV infections can be pregnant if it does not cause cervical malignant lesions.

Therefore, don’t think that you have to wait for your children to wait for a long time. Wait for a long time. In case of the progress of the condition, it will really affect fertility. It will be late until then.

Preparation women can do a cervical anti -cancer examination before pregnancy. If there is a cervical altitude pre -cancer lesion, it is best to get pregnant first after treatment.

What should I do if I found HPV infection after pregnancy?

Studies have shown that HPV infection does not have any impact on the fetus in pregnant women’s abdomen, please rest assured to continue pregnancy.No study has found that HPV is related to miscarriage or premature birth, but for expectant mothers infected with HPV, doctors do monitor changes in cervical tissue at any time.

Because there is evidence that due to hormone changes, HPV infection will increase during pregnancy, so doctors need to take special care.But in many cases, the baby will be treated after the baby is born.

Where can I check HPV?

Welfare: Shenzhen has free women’s disease census census!

Many people in Shenzhen do not know that Shenzhen has launched a free census project for common diseases for women, including cervical HPV testing.The Shenzhen Health and Family Planning Commission provides the women’s disease census census project for free of women’s disease census projects to the city’s laid -off.

Services are facing the permanent population, that is, as long as non -Shenzhen households have residence permits, they can also enjoy this benefit.

Such a good news, hurry up and tell you that the big cousin, the second aunt, and the third aunt who are being a full -time housewife!

7 Q: 7 Answer to let you know the benefits of this Shenzhen woman

1. What are the gynecological diseases?

Answer: Gynecological diseases, to be plain, is the disease of the female reproductive system.Common are:

(1) Gynecological inflammation: It is a common disease of women, including vulvitis, vaginitis, cervicitis, fallopianitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc.

(2) Breast disease: including breast hyperplasia, breast fibroma, breast cancer, etc.

(3) Gynecological tumors: including uterine fibroids, cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.

2. How do you know if you have gynecological diseases?

Answer: Regularly participate in women’s disease census census, early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, increase the cure rate and survival rate, and reduce mortality.A married woman should consciously participate in the women’s disease census every 1-2 years!

3. Who can enjoy the free census?

Answer: The laid -off of the resident population in Shenzhen is married to women.Of course, the married and childbearing age women who do not intend to go to work at home are also listed here.

4. What are the projects for free census?

Answer: Including gynecological examinations, vaginal secretions, breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, gynecological B -ultrasound, ring check, etc.

5. Where can I participate in the free census?

Answer: Women who are married for childbearing age will receive a free voucher at the community workstation or social health center of the residential place with their own valid ID card, and then go to the designated institution for inspection according to the staff’s guidance.

6. I go to the census. Is there any preparation?

Answer: This question is well asked. There are too many things to pay attention to. Many people think that they are so simple to go out and go shopping.

(1) Take a bath the night before the gynecological examination. Do not wash or take a bath, let alone rinse the vagina.The correct diagnosis;

(2) Do not pop up the night before gynecological examination, because male semen or sperm -kill agents may appear in the test sample the next day, interfere with the correct judgment of the doctor;

(3) Do not use any vaginal drugs the night before gynecological examination, because any pharmacy or lubricant that treats vaginal infection will affect the test sample, cover abnormal cells, and affect the accuracy of the test;

(4) Do the time B time of the uterus B. Remember to hold … urine, a certain amount of urination must be accumulated in the bladder to see clearly;

(5) However, gynecological examinations must be discharged first.Therefore, if you have to do the Ultra -ultrasound and do gynecological examinations, then you can take care of the uterine B -ultrasound first;

(6) Do not eat foods that are easy to produce gas, such as milk and sweet potatoes. These gas will hinder the penetration of ultrasonic waves, causing the appendix of the obtained organs to be unclear;

(7) Do not do a gynecological examination during menstruation, it is best to be 3-7 days after menstruation is clean.Within 24 hours before the physical examination, you can clean the vulva, but do not rinse the vagina.

7. How to prevent common gynecological inflammation?

Answer: Common gynecological inflammation includes vulvitis, various vaginitis, cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease.To prevent gynecological inflammation:

(1) Pay attention to personal hygiene and sexual hygiene to avoid unclean sexual intercourse;

(2) Promote shower;

(3) Do not wear nylon or underwear -like underwear, you should wear cotton products, loose clothes and breathable;

(4) Actively treat diabetes, tapeworm diseases, allergies and itching diseases, liver and kidney diseases and anemia;

(5) Strengthen physical exercise, diet should have sufficient nutrition and vitamins, correct partial food and abnormal eating habits;

(6) Avoid high spiritual tension and mental stimulation, maintain optimism and sufficient sleep;

(7) Implement the family planning and reduce the number of people.

Shen Xiaowei can only help you get here!

Professional guidance: Guan Ting and Yang Jiezhi, Shenzhen Family Planning Service Center

Coordinating: The Public Health Office of the Shenzhen Health and Family Planning Commission

-Fending to be continued-

Shenzhen Xiaowei: In order to allow citizens to "do not get sick and get sick" and enjoy health services such as fairness, continuous prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and health promotion, the Shenzhen Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission provides citizens with 28 health family planningThe service covers all stages from infants and young children to the elderly, which basically covers the whole life cycle.Women’s disease census is one of them.

Recently, Shen Xiaowei will introduce these 28 free benefits for you in detail. I hope that all the neighbors have passed by, don’t miss it!


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