Can I have a baby if I have breast cancer?

According to statistics, young breast cancer patients in my country (age of onset ≤ 35 years) account for more than 10%of all patients with breast cancer, and 0.5%of all patients with breast cancer (age of onset ≤ 25 years) accounted for 0.5%.It can be seen that the trend of breast cancer is gradually showing a trend of youth. Many patients coincide with the golden age of fertility when they suffer from breast cancer.Some women have never had a desire to have children and have fertility.

So can you continue to have breast cancer? It is a question that many young women care about.

Can I still get pregnant after the treatment of breast cancer?

The main treatment methods of breast cancer are surgical treatment, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy, etc. So can you still get pregnant after a series of treatment?

Some breast cancer patients can get pregnant after proper treatment, but not all patients with breast cancer can be pregnant.Most of the patients with breast cancer in China are young women. If patients are early breast cancer, they have been better controlled by standardized treatment. Patients can be prepared under the guidance of mammary doctors and gynecologists.If the patient wants to get pregnant during treatment, it is not very approved.

When can I get pregnant after treatment?

Hormone -positive breast cancer: endocrine therapy is usually> 5 years. For such patients, pregnancy can only be prepared after endocrine therapy, because endocrine drugs have a certain effect on the fetus.

Her-2 positive and triple-negative breast cancer: Usually HER-2 positive patients can consider pregnancy after using targeted therapy control.However, patients with three -negative breast cancer are usually treated> 5 years, and they are considering pregnancy when they clearly have no recurrence and metastasis.

It is generally recommended for young breast cancer patients:

1. Auxiliary chemotherapy can be considered for pregnancy after 2 to 3 years;

2. Patients with endocrine therapy can consider pregnancy after 5 years;

3. Patients with breast cancer in situ cancer can consider pregnancy after ending surgery and radiotherapy;

4. In order to avoid the health risk of antitumor treatment to the fetus, the treatment of anti -tumor treatment is generally needed> 6 months before considering pregnancy.

5. Specific pregnancy time needs to be improved, and pregnancy is prepared under the guidance of a doctor.

Will pregnancy cause recurrence and metastasis of breast cancer?

People always feel that the level of estrogen hormone in the body during pregnancy can promote the recurrence of breast cancer.However, a number of studies have shown that after breast cancer, even if you get pregnant again, it will not lead to recurrence and metastasis of breast cancer, which will affect pre -survival.Tumor authoritative magazine JournalOfclinical Oncology (IF: 24.008) has published an article study showing that after breast cancer treatment, pregnancy is safe and feasible, and pregnancy can even increase the total survival of patients with breast cancer, and will not increase estrogen.The risk of recurrence and metastasis of patients with positive breast cancer.The team also made a follow -up report in 2017: Through long -term follow -up observation, whether it is estrogen receptor positive or negative, pregnancy will not affect the survival rate of breast cancer patients, and for patients with breast cancer patients with estrogen receptor -negative breast cancer patientsIn terms of pregnancy, pregnancy can improve their overall survival rate.

Will pregnancy affect children’s health after treatment?

According to the data at the San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium in 2020, most of the treatment of healthy babies can give birth to healthy babies after pregnancy, and the long -term survival of the fetus is not adversely affected.From the perspective of animal research, the risk of fetal malformations has increased for a long time.Therefore, patients who are pregnant or planning to prepare for pregnancy should avoid taking him Moqifen.

Therefore, you should not be frustrated, communicate with doctors, formulate appropriate treatment plans according to personal circumstances, actively receive treatment, and still have the opportunity to do mothers.

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