Can I raise dogs at home after pregnancy?Explain once today, and I won’t be tangled after reading it

Is there a lot of people who have longed for such a scenario: The baby who just learned to climb is crawling around the floor. The big golden retriever looks at the baby, and sometimes the golden retriever will correct the baby’s climbing route to avoid him encountering things; sometimes the baby sends it.Golden retriever will be bullied, and golden retriever just use its big head to pinch the baby.Is this scene very happy and warm?

Among many families, dogs have existed like family members and are good partners of children’s growth.But many people come here that they cannot raise dogs during pregnancy, otherwise they will cause their baby to malformation or even abortion.So is this correct?

A few days ago, when I was waiting for the elevator to go home downstairs, a pregnant mother was waiting.After a while, our neighbors came back to walk the dog and came to wait for the elevator. The pregnant mother obviously hid at me. I thought she was afraid that the dog would not say anything.After the elevator came down, walking the dog neighbor was very polite to let us advance the elevator. After I entered the elevator, I found that the pregnant mother hesitated and refused to enter the elevator.I said to her that their dogs are very docile, if you are afraid of being behind me.Walking the dog neighbor was a little embarrassed, rest assured, you let the golden retriever at the door in it.After listening, the pregnant mother refused to enter the elevator, and finally said: I am not afraid of dogs, but I am afraid that the bacteria on the dog to transmit it to me and my baby.Walking the dog neighbor finally embarrassed me and this pregnant mother went up first. He said that he walked the stairs and then slipped his golden retriever.

Now returning to the problem in front of us, will raising dogs cause abortion or malformations of fetus?

To put it plainly, in fact, the bow -shaped worm on the dog may be diseased.Gow -shaped worms are also called three corpse worms. This parasitic is parasitic in the cells. With the flow of blood, the bow -shaped worm will reach all parts of the whole body, which will seriously affect the brain and heart, and increase the risk of disease.Gow -shaped worms generally exist on cats and dogs. This is an important reason why so many people are unwilling to raise dogs during pregnancy.

After knowing the cause of this pathogenic, will raising dogs definitely cause abortion or baby deformity for pregnant women?Actually not.

First of all, not every dog is carried with bow -shaped worms.

Secondly, even the dogs infected with a bowworm will not be easily transmitted to people.The only way to infection of Toxoplasma is: dog meat that eats infected with toxoplasma.It is said that the toxoplasma gifted is in the cells. The dogs you worry about falling hair, saliva and excrement, there is no toxoplasma in it.

Of course, even dog raising can not be careless.Before raising dogs, it is recommended that a family of pregnant women do three things:

1. Do a physical examination for the dog to see if the dog has infected the toxoplasma.

2. Let your own dogs develop good habits and do not eat unknown food, especially dead mice and birds.

3. Do not eat dog meat for pregnant mothers!IntersectionIntersection

After reading this, you should know it in your heart!Dogs are good partners in our lives, not toys. If you raise them, treat them well!

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