Can I still have pets after pregnancy?

I believe there is always a question whether it is pregnant or pregnant now. Why can’t we raise pets if you are pregnant?

Many people choose to give people a pet or discard them directly during pregnancy or during preparation. The reason is that they are afraid of infection of toxoplasma or fetal abortion or fetal malformations.But is it really necessary to abandon pets that have deep feelings with yourself?The answer is definitely: not necessary!

Indeed, toxoplasma infection can cause the above situation, but this occurs only when "the first infection is during pregnancy". It is no problem to be infected before pregnancy.Secondly, if it is the first infection during pregnancy, there are also drugs with very small side effects that can be treated.

There are many prospective parents who say that they are not afraid of 10,000 in case.So here I also have to give you science common sense some science:

First, animals are not the only source of Toxoplasma.In addition to almost all mammals and birds, there are various vegetables. As long as it is not handled, there will be risks that make people infected with toxoplasma.Is it in order not to eat in case?

Second, the girls who raise pets should go to TORCH check before preparing to be a mother.If you show that you have been infected with a bowworm, you can welcome the baby’s arrival with peace of mind.

Third, the owner of the dog is blessed!"Dogs are closely related to humans, one of the more important sources of human beings" is not scientific.Although the dog can also be infected with a hormone, the dog’s excrement is not contagious, and the only infection may be edible dog meat.As long as you don’t eat dog meat, you will never be transmitted from the dog to a bow.

Infectious period.About 1%of the cats around the world contain a bow -shaped worm cystore.However, the pork in the cat dung must be developed for 2 to 5 days in the outside world, so there will be no problems with cat feces in time.

Fifth, the bowworms generally exist in the stomach of the stray cat, and the family pets are generally not.So do not abandon pets because of pregnancy. The living environment in the wild is difficult to adapt to pets raised at home from an early age.The deeper layer that you want you to discard your cat in the wild is the possibility of being infected in virtual, because the food, drinking water, and even dust contaminated by cat manure may cause you to infection with a bow -shaped worm.

So how to prevent the prevention and treatment of toxoplasma infections

01. We should pay attention to diet hygiene. The meat must be cooked to avoid raw meat polluting cooked food.That is, the cutting board of cutting meat and vegetables should be separated from the cutting board of cooked melon and fruits.

02. Pets must be raised at home, feed cooked food or finished grains, and do not let them prey outside.Because the cat’s infection is infected with infected mice or birds, or food polluting cat dung.

03. Be sure to pay attention to your daily hygiene, remove pet feces in time every day, and wash your hands carefully after contacting animal excrement.

04. Unless the serum examination of pregnant women has been infected with bow -shaped worms, pregnant women should avoid contacting pets and their feces during pregnancy.

05. After the infection of Toxoplasma, you should seek medical treatment in time and treat it in time according to the doctor’s order.

In fact, the breeding pets during pregnancy is not as terrible as expected. As long as you prepare before pregnancy, do a good job of personal hygiene during pregnancy, you don’t have to be afraid of the danger of the bowworm.Pets have feelings and thoughts like humans. Pets in generals are like cats and dogs for more than ten years.If you are not ready to accompany them, please do not start pets casually.

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