Can I still take medicine after pregnancy?Seven categories of drugs that should be far away from pregnancy

After pregnancy, each pregnant woman is worried about their health.Once sick and dare not take medicine, for fear that the drug will affect the growth and development of the fetus.In fact, you still need to take medicine during pregnancy, but you must consult the doctor in advance before taking drugs to better control the amount of drugs. This will not only cure the disease, but also not affect fetal development.

I hope to have a healthy and smart baby is the common wish of every pregnant woman.During pregnancy, many expectant mothers have been unable to get rid of it all day.Today, let’s take a look at the medication during pregnancy. We should pay attention to 7 aspects

1. Careful treatment of epilepsy drugs

If pregnant women have a history of epilepsy, they must tell the attending doctor after pregnancy to adjust the current types and dosage of the current medication.Antilateral epilepsy is generally a type of preparation. Such drugs have an impact on the heart, brain, and facial development of the fetus.After the baby is born, it is likely to have intelligence and cognitive impairment.In addition, epilepsy itself has an impact on fetal development.

2. Pregnant women with embolism and heart disease

If pregnant women have coagulation diseases, take anticoagulant drugs for a long time, and pay attention after pregnancy.Anticoagulation drugs are mostly small -molecular drugs, and it is easy to enter the fetus through blood.It is very likely to cause abnormalities for fetal skeletal development and nervous system development.

3. Pregnant women with hypertension

Whether there is hypertension before pregnancy or hypertension after pregnancy, do not take medicine blindly.Vascular tension in hypertension drugs can cause amniotic fluid abnormalities in the uterus.Causes abnormalities in the kidney and respiratory system in the fetus.Therefore, we must communicate with the doctor in time to replace the medication of pregnant women in time.

4. Vitamin A

It is normal for pregnant women to supplement vitamins, but it cannot be supplemented with vitamin A.The daily vitamin A supplement cannot exceed 5,000 international units, otherwise it will affect the development of fetal heart and nervous system.

5. Antibiotics

The use of antibiotics must be guided by a doctor, although most antibiotics will not affect fetal development.However, tetracycline antibiotics can lead to slow development of fetal bone teeth.

6. Anti -cancer drug

For some unusual pregnant women, they need to take anticancer drugs, and these drugs almost have an impact on fetal development.Once you are pregnant, you need to communicate with your doctor to suspend or adjust the amount of drugs to ensure the development of the fetus.Of course, do it well and give up the fetal preparation.

7. Hormone drugs

If pregnant women suffer from breasts, uterus, pelvic cavity, and reproductive diseases, taking drugs may contain a large number of hormones, these drugs may cause malformations of fetal reproductive system.

Therefore, before pregnancy, you must do a good pre -pregnancy examination and consult the adjustment plan for medication after pregnancy to avoid unnecessary harm to your children.

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