Can I swim in pregnancy?This star told us with action!

The girl who loves to laugh will never be bad. The star I said today is the girl who is always open!The hot drama "Living Colorful Fragrance", who has played a special guest, starred in the TV series "Because of Love with Happiness", and partnered with Lin Feng to star in the costume love legendary drama "The World". Do you guess who?That’s right, Tang Yixin, a girl who loves to laugh!

On August 2, 2017, Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruohuan announced their relationship.It is said that the relationship between the two has always been very loving. At first sight, the names such as "Zhang Ruohuan" and "Tang Yixin" are their names they use.Zhang Ruohuan took a group of wedding photos of two people on Weibo, and wrote the text: "Just laugh for a lifetime", and then Tang Yixin reposted Zhang Ruohuan Weibo and returned to "Okay". The two officials announced their marriage.

Their sweetness is still continuing. The two ended their long -distance running and entered the marriage hall. In March of this year, they officially announced the good news of pregnancy on Weibo.

However, Tang Yixin, who was pregnant, was still so "not honest". How could she have always loved fitness exercises because she was pregnant with her baby!Yesterday, Tang Yixin wrote: "Summary, I did not expect that the favorite exercise during pregnancy is swimming!" It seems that the stars revealed for us that you can swim!Tang Yixin’s blog has a wave of dog food for us!Because she swimmed the beautiful photos of Zhang Ruohuan for him, it can be seen that Zhang Ruohuan’s camera technology is really good!

In other words, can you swim during pregnancy?As a result, Xiaobian went online to search for relevant information, and gynecological experts said this: "Pregnancy can swim. But it should be noted that swimming during pregnancy is more suitable for pregnant women who have swimming habits before pregnancy.For example, there are vaginitis, threatened abortion, placental low settlement, etc., it is not recommended to swim. And the time of swimming is best during pregnancy. Pregnant women should be fully prepared before entering water.Adjust the amount of exercise. You should also pay attention to environmental safety, anti -slip, anti -decline, and professional ambulance personnel should be present. Pregnant women should choose a clean, safe -guaranteed swimming pool environment, and the water temperature is not suitable for too low, and it is not suitable for too high. Swimming has a certain amount of certain.The benefits can increase the cardiopulmonary function of pregnant women, movement of systemic muscles, and promoting blood circulation. Therefore, there are no special circumstances during pregnancy and can swim. "

Therefore, it seems that you can swim during pregnancy!However, the premise must be guaranteed. After all, this time is different, and the fitness can be suspended. During the special period, you still need to pay attention to your diet and live, and you move!Don’t be willful, I hope that the girl Tang Yixin and Zhang Ruohuan can always be together, and quietly look forward to the birth of Xiao Ruohuan!

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