Can I use moxibustion to confine?

In the old saying, confinement is the second life of a woman, and the physical fitness can be changed during the confinement period, so many women with poor constitutions are expected to be healthy.The pain left in the confinement will follow the life for a lifetime.Therefore, women’s confinement conditioning is extremely important.Women who have given birth to children know that it is prone to occur during confinement such as abdominal pain, uterine bleeding, breast swelling, back pain, obesity and other conditions.

Moxibustion -Salvation Star recovered after delivery

Some women often sigh in my life: My illness is the root of the disease that falls when confinement! It can be seen that postpartum conditioning is very important for women’s health.The correct process of conditioning can increase women’s immunity for 10 years, and can also delay the arrival of menopause.

And if the postpartum lack of correct conditioning, the incidence of breast pain, constipation, headache, stomach discomfort, poor sleep, low back pain, joint pain and other discomfort can be greatly increased.The quality of life.

Moxibustion and nourishment, the body is not false

Women are based on qi and blood.And childbirth is a severe physiological process. A large amount of bleeding and severe pain during childbirth often damage the human qi and blood.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, postpartum vitality is greatly damaged, yin -blood loses, the veins are empty, and blood stasis is more blood.

As a method of external treatment, moxibustion can play a role in warming the meridians, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, dispersing cold, dehumidification, and nourishing qi and blood.The application of moxibustion methods for postpartum conditioning can effectively alleviate many symptoms of maternal discomfort, which is compatible with the pathophysiological characteristics of women’s postpartum stasis.Because most mothers are breastfeeding, taking medicine will definitely be unfavorable to the baby, moxibustion is the best choice after maternity.

Moxibustion mainly conditions the body from the following aspects

1. Basic conditioning

Fundamentally conditioning the body’s constitution, restoring the ability to operate qi and blood, and providing necessary guarantees for postpartum recovery, so that the constitution can achieve the best balance.Such as Shu Jingtong, nourishing qi and nourishing blood, liver and kidney care, cardiopulmonary conditioning, ovarian maintenance, etc.

2. Clear stasis detoxification

Clear the residual toxins in the postpartum body, open up the normal metabolic channel of the human body, eliminate hidden dangers of postpartum problems, and ensure postpartum health.Such as Qinggong’s stasis, intestinal laxative, fat reduction and detoxification, removing residual milk, etc.

3. Body recovery

Restore the body damage and restore the whole body.Prevent various body damage caused by pregnancy and production, and return the body to the pre -pregnancy level.Such as slimming fat, chest maintenance, removal of stretch marks, etc.

4. Physical recovery

Restoring organs that are affected by pregnancy, production, and milk are restored when each organ is restored, and it has functions to achieve dynamic balance.Such as uterine recovery, reproductive beauty therapy, soreness of the whole body, weak body weakness, etc.

The best time to restore postpartum recovery

Within 42 days after delivery, it is a golden period for postpartum recovery.At this time, the postpartum body is the most vulnerable, and the physical indicators are in a state of serious imbalance. If the blood and blood cannot be recovered during this period, the residual toxins cannot be effectively removed, and it is easy to delay and become various diseases.

Within 6 months and a half after giving birth, it is an ideal recovery period for postpartum women.After the golden period of recovery, the toxins have been basically removed, and their qi and blood recovery have been basically completed, and they are at the best time to restore body damage.

Within one and a half to three years after delivery, it is the end of the postpartum women’s recovery.At this stage, comprehensive conditioning should be performed to achieve the best balance of the body’s function and stable to the normal life stage.

Moxibustion conditioning method

During the confinement, moxibustion can be used for a week after production, and moxibustion is 15-20 minutes every day or every other day for the following acupuncture points.If you feel more acupuncture, you can add or subtract the acupuncture points when moxibustion, but the pain points should be more moxibustion.

1. Dazhui

2. Wind door

3. Life Door

4. Zhongli

5. Shivirin

6. Guan Yuan

7. Zusanli

8. Aya acupoint (pain point)

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