Can I use skin care products after pregnancy?How do pregnant mothers maintain the skin?

Although pregnancy is worthy of congratulations, pregnancy can cause rough skin.During pregnancy, it suffers from itching, dryness, acne, spots and other troubles and stress.The progesterone (luteinylin) secreted during pregnancy can cause many skin problems.So it is necessary to care for the skin.

The temperature of progesterone secretion during pregnancy is more secreted or increased the temperature of the substrate, and it plays a role in helping pregnancy by increasing the thickness of the endometrium.It is a necessary hormone for pregnant women, but because it is secreted, the skin’s moisture content is reduced and easy to dry.Not only that, pregnant women’s nutritional nutrition will give priority to the growth of the baby. If you do not provide sufficient nutrition, then the metabolism of the skin is stagnant, and progesterone is not the only reason for dry skin.During pregnancy, the moisture consumed by the mother is preferential in the baby, so if you do n’t drink enough water, it will also cause the skin to dry.During pregnancy, not only the nutritional diet, but also drinking water.

Give it to the baby, so the mother’s body is easy to lack water.And due to the rapid growth of the stomach and chest, the skin will be thinner, which will be easier to itch.The uterus becomes larger, the gallbladder is oppressed, the flow of the bile becomes worse, the bilirubin is difficult to be excreted, and the increase in bilirubin concentration in the blood can cause itching of the skin.

Kyhnutone can cause dry skin and cause acne.When the surface of the skin is dry, the skin around the pores becomes hard and small, and the pores are discharged from a small amount of sebum.If you block the pores, this means that the sebum in the pores can cause inflammation and become acne.Cannoga also has the function of increasing sebum quantity.

The biggest trouble of having a child is the spots.Different from acne and dryness, spots are troublesome. If it is generated, it is difficult to remove.During pregnancy, spots can be easily produced. The progesterone has a stimulus effect that enhances melanocytes. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention to ultraviolet -rays during pregnancy than usual.

The placenta will be completed in about 16 weeks of pregnancy. The progesterone secreted from the ovary before will be secreted from the placenta.Based on this period as the boundary, the skinstorm that appears in the early stages of pregnancy will calm down.

However, the skin is rough, don’t forget to apply sunscreen, pay attention to skin care.The changes in hormonal balance must continue until there are children, so pay attention to skin care.

In the late pregnancy, it is not just progesterone, and estrogen is secreted in large quantities.Estrogen is a hormone that promotes collagen and supports the beauty of women.Increasing estrogen can not only cause elasticity of the skin, but also inhibit excess sebum secretion, so acne will also occur.Before childbirth, many pregnant women are the best skin during pregnancy due to estrogen.

You want to improve your skin state during pregnancy, there are some places to pay attention to.Provide water and nutrition, high -quality sleep and skin care.Pregnant women who cannot satisfy vomiting in early pregnancy will increase appetite when entering the stable period.When the appetite is increased, supplementing the necessary nutrition and moisture is an important key point for creating skin beauty.

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