Can it cause infertility if it is too fat?How can obese women prepare for pregnancy?

Modern people’s living conditions have improved a lot. They can eat what they want to eat at will, but there are two sides of everything. High -quality material life also increases the chance of obesity. Obesity is more harmful to the human body.The chance of the occurrence of diseases, such as hypertension and hyperglycemia, can also lead to infertility.

Why may it cause infertility?

Obesity increases the chance of polycystic ovary syndrome, which affects women’s chances of conception. Obesity women for many years are generally caused by polycystic ovary syndrome.Obesity also affects endocrine, causing the secretion of hormones to abnormal, which affects women’s chances of conception. In addition, obese people often have unreasonable diet. Most of them take too much cholesterol, which can easily lead to abnormal ovulation, soCause infertility.

How can obese women prepare for pregnancy?

1. Pay attention to diet

Obesity women want to increase the chance of conception. They usually pay special attention to diet. It is recommended to follow the three low and one high dietary principles, that is, low oil, low salt, and high fiber. In addition, avoid alcohol and cigarettes during pregnancy.Coffee should also drink as little as possible to avoid adverse effects on fertility.

2. Appropriate exercise

Women who are relatively obese have to exercise appropriately when preparing for pregnancy, which will help to control weight and enhance personal immunity and resistance.The function will also be improved, which is greatly helpful for improving the success rate of conception.

3. Avoid blind weight loss

After the obese women succeed in pregnancy, do not lose weight blindly during pregnancy.Because the growth and development of the fetus requires a lot of nutrition, if you lose weight during pregnancy, you will have a bad effect on the growth and development of the pregnant woman itself and the fetus. If you want to lose weight, you should be performed before pregnancy.Essence

Kind tips

Even if you do n’t have to get pregnant, you must actively control your weight, because the chances of many diseases have a certain relationship with obesity, such as common hypertension and diabetes. Although these chronic diseases are not very harmful, they have caused it.Complications are particularly dangerous. For example, hypertension can easily cause cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and diabetes may cause diabetic foot, diabetic eye disease, diabetic nephropathy, etc. These diseases will cause serious threats to physical health, such as heart and brainVascular disease may even cause disability or death.

It is recommended to actively participate in physical exercise, and control your diet reasonably, eat less high oil and high sugar foods, and eat more foods rich in vitamins and minerals, such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

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