Can laryngitis cure for a long time?Won’t!There is a difference between pharyngitis and laryngeal cancer

I don’t know how much everyone knows about laryngitis?

There is a certain difference between pharyngitis and ordinary throat inflammation. Salmonitis is a chronic disease and may permanently accompany patients.Patients with throat often often have symptoms such as throat pain, hoarse sound, and foreign body sensation in the throat.But some patients think of cancer when they see "inflammation".

According to the understanding of cancer, many cancer patients will have inflammation in the early stage, causing most patients with chronic pharyngitis to often see the early performance of laryngeal cancer.

The answer is negative. Salmonitis is neither the preliminary manifestations of laryngeal cancer nor cancer.

According to medical literature records, there have been no records that have not been recorded and reported to the related reports of laryngeal cancer or other tumors due to chronic laryngitis.However, you need to remind everyone here that not all pharyngitis will not cause cancer. According to clinical experience, chronic pharyngitis will not cause cancer, and proliferate pharyngitisIf these hyperplasia will cause lesions), there is a possibility of cancer.

I encountered the relevant matters of patients who thought of laryngitis to consult with laryngeal cancer during the clinic before, because when I was young, I suffered from pharyngitis due to occupational problems, but recently I often feel uncomfortable throat, but throat cancer is coming.

Through the above content, we know that chronic pharyngitis does not induce cancer.

01 The symptoms of the two are different

Salmonitis: Clinically, common pharyngitis is mainly divided into acute pharyngitis and chronic pharyngitis.The symptoms of patients with acute laryngealitis may occur with dry throat, pain and other phenomena, because pharyngitis is a type of inflammation, and patients may have fever; compared to patients with acute pharyngitis, symptoms of patients with chronic pharyngitis patients are symptomsRelatively easing, itching, dryness, cough and other phenomena of throats will occur.

Blast cancer: Simply and clearly, the symptoms of patients with laryngitis have symptoms, and patients with laryngeal cancer have both patients with laryngeal cancer. In addition, swallowing, dyspnea, and throat sensor sensation will occur.And this symptoms will not recover after simple treatment, but will deteriorate with the condition and become more and more serious.

02 The causes of the two are different

Salmonitis: For patients with laryngitis, virus and bacteria are the main causes of laryngitis. In addition, often smoking and drinking may induce pharyngitis.The teacher is also a high incidence of laryngitis, because the teacher needs to keep lectures every day, and will also inhale some dust, which increases the risk of pharyngitis.

There are many diseases of laryngeal cancer, and common factors are:

· Smoking and drinking: The smoke produced during smoking will enter the human body through the respiratory tract. However, when inhaling these harmful substances in the long run, it will cause "damage" to the respiratory tract, which will increase the chance of suffering from laryngeal cancer.The road is our throat. If you drink for a long time, the alcohol in wine will inevitably cause stimulation to the throat, which will cause laryngeal cancer. According to surveys, the risk of people who often drink throat cancer will increase by 1.5 times.

Arsenic, etc., causes certain damage to the respiratory tract.

Sore throat, cough cough and other phenomena

When the throat cancer comes to the door, our throat becomes uncomfortable because of the cell’s lesions, and we often feel sore throat and want to cough.In the early stage, most people will treat this phenomenon as an ordinary cold inflammation of the throat.However, after a long -term lesion, the phenomenon of pain and cough will increase, and even hemoptysis will occur.

Symptoms of hoarseness

When throat cancer comes, first of all, our throat will be uncomfortable, but the worsening of the condition will affect our vocal cords. At this time, the patient will have a hoarse phenomenon.This phenomenon is more similar to the symptoms caused by a cold and cough.However, the hoarseness caused by ordinary colds will slowly and normal, but the hoarseness caused by cancer will not recover over time, but it will become more and more serious, and it will even cause patients to lose their voice.

There is a foreign body at the throat

When the tumor cells in the throat are constantly growing, it will inevitably affect the swallowing function of the throat, and the patient will feel that there is a foreign body at the throat.This phenomenon is not obvious in the early stage, but when tumor cells are constantly breeding, the foreign body sensation will become stronger and stronger, and it will even lead to "difficulty swallowing" food.

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