Can men get pregnant?Women’s pregnancy embryo is beside the liver, can they invented the technology and make men get pregnant?

Pregnancy is a process of experience for most women. Most people are naturally pregnant, and there are a few people who need to help reproductive technology. Most pregnancy can give birth normally, but a few of the embryo development disorders after pregnancy or embryo growthThe place was completely wrong and had to be induced by surgery.

According to foreign media reports, a doctor from Canada took a female patient with abnormal menstruation. The patient was 33 years old, and the menstruation lasted for 14 days. It was 49 days before the last menstruation.Sometimes the stomach hurts very much.After checking her, the doctor found that the woman’s stomach pain was because she was pregnant, but the embryo was not in the uterus, but she grew near the liver.This is an extremely rare liver pregnancy that can bring a lot of risks to women, so it needs to induce labor.

In liver pregnancy, the liver will also grow up because of the continuous growth of the embryo. The growth of embryos will be squeezed to the official cavity of the body, which may cause some important flow of blood vessels and bile ducts, which will cause serious urgencyAbdominal, including critical condition and other critical conditions such as internal organs.This kind of situation is called ectopic pregnancy. Ecxus pregnancy can not only occur in the liver and other parts, but also may occur near the intestine.But the harm is similar, which can cause abdominal pain and long -term menstrual blood loss.

Women’s uterus has created good conditions for pregnancy. The endometrium endometrium periodic hyperplasia and falling off. The hyperplasia is preparing to bed in order to get in bed, and the loss is because there is no conception to reduce the loss of energy.Generally speaking, fertilization occurs in the vascular tube, and then the fertilized eggs go downstream, gradually falling into the uterine, captured by the cells on the endometrium of the quilt, and the fertilized eggs are gradually integrated into the endometrium of the uterine.Development is shellacum, placenta, etc., and the fetus is isolated from the outside world by the amniotic membrane.

However, women’s physiology has certain particularity.In the reproductive system, the fallopian tube is connected to the ovary and other attachments. The umbrella end of the fallopian tube is connected to the ovary, which plays the effect of picking the eggs, that is, the ovarian forms of eggs.EssenceHuman abdominal peritoneal is sometimes not completely closed, so in some special cases, sperm or fertilized eggs move to the abdominal cavity, and then look into the right place in the abdominal cavity.

Extra pregnancy in the abdominal cavity accounts for 1.4%. When it is linked to the base of the human population, ectopic pregnancy in the abdominal cavity is relatively common.Abdominal pregnancy is divided into two types: primary and secondary. The cause of primary abdominal pregnancy is unknown.Secondary pregnancy is often caused by the fall of the fallopian tube pregnancy, and the embryo falls off into the abdominal cavity.Once the abdominal pregnancy is confirmed, the fetus should be taken out of a caesarean section.The placenta treatment should be particularly careful, because the placenta is planted in intestinal tube and intestinal membranes, and arbitrarily stripping can cause a lot of bleeding.

Although this situation has certain risks, modern technology can be avoided to a certain extent, and even scientists want to use this situation to achieve pregnancy -free or men’s pregnancy.Among men, very few people will have "father -in -law syndrome".This symptom manifests that the husband will appear very disturbed during his wife’s pregnancy. Not only is his expression anxious, but there will even be some physiological reactions similar to pregnant women.At this time, the husband’s testosterone and other levels will decrease significantly, and there are high levels of estrogen in the body, and estrogen has an important role in stimulating female reproductive organs.

This situation makes this kind of men suffering from "father -in -law syndrome" has certain fertility conditions to achieve men’s pregnancy and childbirth.There is a record in the United States. In 2002, a Taiwanese man Li Mingwei, a Taiwanese man in the United States, implanted the embryo and placenta into the abdominal cavity under the surgeon.Ultrasound and other examinations show that he has been pregnant for 8-9 months.At this time, the fetus is actually basically mature, and even if it is a cesarean section, it can ensure the survival of the baby.

Earlier, scientists in my country have also achieved pregnancy.Scientists combine one male and one mother and two mice with surgery to enable them to share blood.The uterus of another female rats was then transplanted into a conjoined male rats, and the embryo was transplanted into the uterus in the male mouse to achieve the pregnancy and reproduction of the male mouse.Of course, this surgery is a bit clever. First of all, the blood of the male rats is replaced with the male rat, and the level of hormone can help reproduce; secondly, the uterus of a female rat was transplanted.Eventually, through a cesarean section, the male rats successfully produced 10 developed cubs and had "functional breeding ability".

Whether it is ectopic pregnancy, "father -in -law’s syndrome", or the transplanting female uterus, it seems that theoretical pregnancy and fertility can be achieved in theory.If possible, this achievement may be achieved now.However, due to ethics and other restrictions, it is still difficult to apply such surgery in humans today, but in some women’s gender changes to "men", pregnancy has also been achieved.Change, troubles in pregnancy.

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