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Questions from netizens

It has been troubled by bleeding during ovulation. This is almost every month. It starts with a small amount of bleeding plus white belt blood. Later, brown leucorrhea. Somedies to tell this day. The duration will usually be four to five days.

Xiao Ai Answer

Bleeding during ovulation is normal, but if there is always it, it lasts for more than 3-6 months, and it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination.

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Questions from netizens

I would like to ask if there are only two sexual life and wearing a set of HPV vaccines?

Xiao Ai Answer

HPV wearing a sleeve cannot be defended. As long as there is sexual life, there is the possibility of infection with HPV. Therefore, theoretically, people who have not performed sexual life are the most cost -effective, but there is a sexual life.Human vaccine also has a certain protective effect, so if you are willing to fight, you can also be able to fight.

Recently, I found that there were a few small white points behind the GUI head. Go to the hospital to consult the doctor and say that pearl rash, saying that it is okay. Can you love it? Is there any problem?

Xiao Ai Answer

As long as the diagnosis is pearl rash, there is no problem. Pearl rash will not be contagious, nor is it disease. It is a physiological phenomenon. As long as there is no bleeding or itching, you do n’t need to care about him. Frequently clean Tintin and clean it.

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Questions from netizens

So disturb you in the evening, I’m sorry.I am 22 years old, my boyfriend (first love) at the beginning of the year, and the relationship was determined in April. I did not bleed for the first time (four times that night).My boyfriend is 11 years older than me; after every time I love, I find that there is no blood, and I am the point.My boyfriend didn’t mind. In fact, I was quite concerned and curious last night. I loved it and loved the lower abdomen on the next day. The lower abdomen was particularly painful.

Then ask a question, my boyfriend and I have no living together. The frequency of love is once or a week a week. After menstruation, there is no cover, and the ovulation period is wearing a sleeve. May I ask Xiao Ai. Is this practice right?

Xiao Ai Answer

First of all, I want to tell you that the hymen is not a layer of film, and it may not be bleeding at the beginning of the night. Many women have no bleeding at the beginning of the night.

If you have abdominal pain after sex, it is best to go to the hospital for examination. It is difficult for Xiaoai to judge whether there is any problem.

Regarding the problem of wearing a set, it is really necessary to ensure that it is necessary to wear a suit at any time. The safety period contraception is particularly unreliable, because women will have irregular ovulation. Moreover, some people have loved it during the menstrual period.I am pregnant, so it is really not safe, let’s bring a good set to protect yourself

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Questions from netizens

When I was with my girlfriend at the time a few years ago, she always shouted when she entered, but when she entered the exercise completely, she would not hurt. Why?There should be no inflammation and gynecological diseases, and my size is not the same ….. This question has been thought for a long time and I do n’t understand why. I beg my sister to answer.

Xiao Ai Answer

It is likely to be caused by nervousness. When I first inserted, due to nervousness, Yin’s spasm would occur, so it feels very painful, but with the proceeding of love, the lubrication is sufficient, and it will not hurt.This should be the case.

Hello, do you say that menstruation can be loved, can you use a lubricant?

Xiao Ai Answer

During menstruation, it will be lubricated better. Generally, there is no lubricant. If you really need to use it, choose some silicon -based lubricants that are not easy to breed bacteria.

HPV is the best vaccination before sexual life. If it is Zi comfort, or if you do n’t go in, it ’s not a sexual life?Is the definition of X life here referring to insertion?Or is it broad, including kissing?

Xiao Ai Answer

Can be vaccinated here, here generally refers to inserted sexual behavior.However, in fact, doctors have also explained that the so -called injection before sexual life is to maximize the protection of people, because once they have sex, they may have been infected.However, even those with sexual behaviors can have a certain protective role in injection of vaccines.Therefore, if you have an economic permission, you also want to be vaccine, you can hit it, no problem.

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Questions from netizens

Hello Xiaobian!I was the girl who came to leave a message to consult last time.The problem I mentioned last time was because my husband was worried that he was too fast, he didn’t want to love with me, and often made excuses to avoid me.

Later, things made progress.I found that he was not just too fast, but BO was difficult.The main reason may be related to smoking, drinking and staying up late.

But he was very resistant to the diagnosis of going to the hospital.Therefore, after I consulted some of the posters on Zhihu, I went to the pharmacy to buy a course of treatment for him, which is one month, and urged him to improve the daily life.Sleeping and drinking can be guaranteed now that the amount of cigarettes is slightly reduced than before.Greek Li, who is two weeks for half a course of treatment, has been finished, but the effect is not particularly ideal.After he managed to start, he almost shot immediately, and then it was difficult to start again.Although I have always encouraged him to comfort him not to be nervous and relax, it is still a bit difficult for him.Because he was very face -to -face, he was very uncomfortable to go to the hospital for examination.I want to ask the editor now, so that it is not appropriate to give him Greek Li, what should I do in the next step, thank you Xiaobian!

Xiao Ai Answer

It is not recommended to take the medicine yourself, or go to the hospital to diagnose the specific problems in order to determine whether it is necessary to conduct psychological counseling or taking medicine, or other treatment. If you take medicine, it is best to take it under the guidance of a doctor.

In fact, it is normal to go to the hospital to seerology or sexual treatment outpatient clinics. Doctors will not have any evaluation of the visitors. There is no need to worry about it.Disaster.

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